Day In The Life 2013 | March

I haven't had a chance to get these Day In The Life photos into a template yet but wanted to share them with you here today.

Here's a look at my Saturday:


  • I totally forgot to do this on Friday and ended up doing it on Saturday instead. No rules.

  • My attitude about doing this is pretty lax (see above) - much more so then when I do Week In The Life or when I've randomly done a Day In The Life in the past. Not sure that's either bad or good, it just is.

  • I wrote down barely anything this time. I decided I was going to rely on the photos more and put my energy into that vs. getting every little thing written down. I think when I put this together in the layered template I might just add times to the photos and maybe a line of text for each. 

  • I do know that having this as a project one day a month really does encourage me to take more photos of very everyday things. I think it's also challenging me to see things in new ways through the lens which was totally one of my motivations for doing this monthly. I want to keep getting more intentional about the images.

  • Quite a few self-portraits this time as the kids were with Chris for the weekend. Last month I was on my own for the day that I did Day In The Life too (I was traveling). I remember reading in the comments on one of these posts that someone was planning to very intentionally document themselves each month. I think it's a worthwhile thing for anyone to think about in terms of the "subject" of your day. Do you try to include everyone? Do you focus on yourself and your particular experience? Do you mix it up? In the same way it's fun to add variety to your design or your embellishments it's also interesting (and tells a more complete story) when I can mix up the "subject" of my stories or mix up what I include in terms of photos, time of day, etc.

  • I shared most of my photos on Instagram this time and that kept me motivated throughout the day. I used the hashtag #dayinthelife.

  • All photos were taken with my iPhone 5. All edited with Rad Lab or Pic Tap Go on my phone.

Here are links to the other Day In The Life posts this year:

NEXT UP | This month I'll be doing Day In The Life on Tuesday, April 30th. I'll post a reminder about a week before here and on Facebook/Twitter.


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