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October 7, 2013

Week In The Life 2013 | Bringing It Together + Video Overview


Today I’m sharing my completed Week In The Life album for 2013.

As I was working on bringing all the pieces together this past weekend one thing that kept coming to mind was that I like that this project can evolve. I like that there isn’t a specific prescription for how it comes together or how many photos I’m supposed to take or how many words are required. I like some years there are a lot of words and some years there are less. I like that some times it can be silly and other times it can be serious.

This year I ended up with less words. I’m not sure there’s a particular reason – this year I was a bit more reflective in terms of adding some perspective after the fact. I liked adding in that piece – giving myself room to look at the photos for each day and see what thoughts and words came to mind vs. focusing on the facts of the day. I did include my Daily Sheets at the end of my album but even those are missing big chunks of time.

And it’s okay.

You’re album will likely look different than mine. You might have many more words or many more photos or less of either. And that’s okay too. We are all in different places in our lives, facing different challenges and celebrating different joys. And we get to choose the way we document and visually present our memories.

Here’s my process for bringing this together:

  1. Print out the pages I created using the layered template set.
  2. Cut up the smaller photos to go into the divided page protector pockets.
  3. Create three different sets of cards for some very simple journaling: (1) The truth of my day. (2) Note to self. (3) I’m thankful for…(used this one on Thursday through Sunday). I had already created a set of cards that paired pattern transparency with some of my circle stamps – check that out here. I almost always like having some sort of repetition like this in my album.
  4. Add embellishments throughout the album. I added a chipboard element to the first page of each spread above the “this is our life” or “this is my life” title. I added a strip of this word pattern paper from Carta Bella to each spread.
  5. Add some words to those journal cards. I asked myself what do I really want to remember about this time in our lives/my life? Some of it might be hard. This gets back to the question, “what is the truth of my life right now?”
  6. Create an end page.
  7. Add my Daily Sheets in a page protector at the end of the album.

After finishing it all up I filmed a video overview to show you some of the details of this album:


This 13-minute video walks you through each spread in my Week In The Life album. Below you will find photos with some additional information (most of which is talked about in the video).

NOTE | I had a really hard time getting these spreads photographed. My 24-70 lens is at Canon being fixed and I only have the 50mm which really wants to focus on one spot vs. the whole spread. Hopefully these shots + the video will give you a good sense of what it actually looks like in real life.

Here’s a look at each day:


TITLE PAGE | Cut Out Accents Printed Chipboard Cut & Paste Amy Tangerine Thickers (remember chipboard) + Studio Calico Gold Glitter Star + Words Carta Bella 12×12 Paper



For each day of the week spread I included a 9-pocket, 8.5×11 divided page protector. I decided to cut the pockets for each day based on the amount of content I wanted to add. You can just lay a page protector on your trimmer and cut off a portion.


Each day I included a “daily truth” card (these are close to 3.5 x 2.75).

Teresa Collins Noted 12X12 Family Stories Paper  + Cut Out Accents Printed Chipboard Cut & Paste Amy Tangerine Thickers (star) + “daily truth” using the Remington Noiseless font.



Each day I also included a “note to self” journal card that you can see at the bottom of the first page. I used pattern paper from the Pink Paislee Color Wash 12×12 Paper Pad.





For Thursday through Sunday I cut the divided page protector down to 3 pockets (6 total – three on the front and three on the back).


I used tags from Little Yellow Bicycle (Little Yellow Bicycle White Canvas Tags and Little Yellow Bicycle – Naturals Collection – Cork Shapes – Tags) as the base and then stitched pattern paper to the top. On these cards I journaled things I was thankful for each day.








For the last page of my album I used word art from the What Life Looks Like set (also included in the layered templates) and cut a chipboard ampersand from the Cut Out Accents Printed Chipboard Cut & Paste Amy Tangerine Thickers.


SPINE DOWNLOAD | You can download the PNG/JPG/PSD file for the spine here: AE_WITL2013_Spine


Click on the images to link to the products.


I’d love to have you include a link to your 2013 ALBUM PAGES here. Please link directly to your post vs. your general blog link. Thank you!


  • 1.
    Bambou Orchidee said…

    I love it!

  • 2.
    Sue P, said…

    Each year gets better and better-so love it!!

  • 3.
    Jo said…

    I LOVE it. Your album is beautiful and I actually like that you haven’t written lots. Thank you for sharing, I’m inspired to get mine finished.

  • 4.
    Katie said…

    Been waiting for you to finish so I can see how it all fits together. Thanks so much, this is so inspiring to get mine done! :D

  • 5.
    soozee said…

    Hi Ali
    love your finished album. Just wondered…… you seem to have included quite a few products from other designers. Is there a reason for not using your own products, digital and stamps ( apart from the layered templates) xx

    • ….
      Ali said…

      I’ve always loved using products that other people create alongside my own :) . Many of them are friends or people I admire or things I just like the look of and I like supporting our industry in this way.

  • 6.

    I love how you included those small, special cards of gratitude. Love that cover photo with the kids and of course, the Wednesday/Thursday pics of you Anna are hilarious. Such an inspiration project!

  • 7.
    Jo-Anne from ZA said…

    Wow Ali, really enjoyed reading your process! It is really informative and of course your album looks magnificant:-) Just wish i could find a gap in my day to finish mine:-(

    THANK YOU for the download for the spine – will definately be using it!

  • 8.
    dawny dee said…

    so impressed with the balancing act you do with keeping details private but sharing the real nitty gritty truth of your life. the feelings you have are so natural and real and so many of us are in similar situations. instead of wallowing you are able to share discreetly and in such an authentic way. its when the path is uneasy that you see people’s true nature and its clear you are giving and thoughtful and kind through and through. when you come out the other side i am so sure you will benefit from your approach. thank you for being such an inspiration.

  • 9.
    Hannahk said…

    Love the end page … Sums it up beautifully

  • 10.
    Mary Rogers said…

    really enjoyed the video Ali – love watching your process.

    One question about the 9 pocket protectors – when you cut them down to the size you want for your day, do you do anything else? or when you cut it, it still keeps the solid seam?

    • ….
      Ali said…

      I just cut along the outside edge of the seam. I usually leave about 1/4 or 1/8 inch along the edge.

  • 11.
    Claudia from Germany said…

    So fantastic Ali! I finished my Album yesterday and I LOVED working on it.Thanks for your inspiration.

  • 12.
    lucy valles orta said…

    Just woke up here in sunny Glendale, Arizona. Having my first cup of coffee and watching this wonderful video. Oh, what great inspiration. Some of these are new products to me….like the transparencies. I belong to studio AE so just pulled out my daily photo stamps. I’m so excited. I really need to learn the digital stuff. I’m going to price digital programs like Photoshop today. I know I have a very old version somewhere that I was given for free about five years ago. Love your stuff. I’m always searching for your videos. Your work is different than many others. You keep it simple, don’t overdo the embellishments. You embellish in a way that keeps the photo front and center. I look at your photo first and then say, wow, this is so pretty. Your album is awesome. Please let us know if you are ever in the Phoenix area.

  • 13.
    Peggy said…

    Just wondered…..when you cut the 9 sectioned page protectors apart you mentioned in a prior question that you cut them leaving about a 1/8 to 1/4 edge. Is that so you can use the tabs on the egdes and still get into the pockets to pull out the photo or journaling that’s in that pocket? I am just wondering if you don’t put the tab way down?? Or do you leave the tabs up off of the seam of the pocket pages? Not sure if I am making this question clear or not. I guess what I am saying in the video you pulled out a journal card and there was a clear tab on the side and I am just wondering how you got the journal card out if you put the clear tab tight to the page protector that you cut. Hmmm…..THANKS!!! LOVE YOUR WORK & YOUR IDEAS!!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Hi Peggy – I make a slit in the adhesive part of the tab to be able to have the pocket completely open (just far enough to keep the pocket open).

  • 14.
    MarinaV. said…

    Love it! Very inspirational!!

  • 15.
    andrea said…

    Love your album.
    Just a quick (and silly) question. Those cards where you underline your words, do you draw the lines first, or do you write the text first?
    thanks for the video. It’s so different than just the pictures.

  • 16.
    Anita J. said…

    You are sooooo good at what you do … and such an inspiration! You make it make sense. You make it seem possible. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

  • 17.
    cindy b. said…

    AWESOME stuff Ali. Looking at this makes me wanna do my own Week in the Life but I can’t keep up with anything these days… :(

  • 18.
    susan garner said…

    Once again you knocked the ball out of the ball park. Your right about less writing this year I see a lot more pics. That’s how I do it. Pics mean a thousand words to me. great job Ali.

  • 19.
    Kristin A. said…

    Ali, it is gorgeous as always! I was curious how you were going to pull it together with fewer words + pictures and it looks stunning as usual. I have tons of both, but definitely agree with you that including a bit of introspection and reflection into the the daily goings on is a great thing, and something I try to be aware of. Being real without sharing too much is something I am going to be navigating as I pull mine together. I appreciate the way you have modeled that for us. We can name our feeling and be real about the place we are without giving too many details.

    Love the look with the index tabs. I’ve seen you use them here and there before and was planning on using them for the first time in this project. Love how you used a date stamp on them and am definitely going to “borrow” that idea.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas with us. This project is my favorite and is one I treasure so much. Looking back on my WITL over the years (this is my 4th) is such a sweet blessing to me. Thank you again!

  • 20.
    Abby said…

    Great album — no surprise there! :D

  • 21.
    Kristina in Oz said…

    Hey Ali, this is my second year of doing it and I love it. I have been a little apprehensive to finish thinking I haven’t got enough photos. I had enough for both the right and left side templates and they look great but not enough (I thought) to add extras in some pockets everyday. Then you shared this. Perfect. Can’t wait for my pics to arrive so I can put it together. Thanks for your honesty and inspiration.

  • 22.
    Jennifer K said…

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing yours with us!

  • 23.
    Amber L said…

    Just a quick question… When you print at home, what kind of paper do you use? When I’ve printed, my paper quality must not be good, the picture then sticks to the page protector. Thanks!

  • 24.
    Fanny said…

    Thanks Ali!! This is so good! The album is beautiful!
    This is the 4th year I do this project alongside you and it is my favorite! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • 25.
    Tammy said…

    Simply amazing in every aspect from the reflectiveness to the gentle progression of your life with all the intimate details of change. Thanks for sharing your journey and modeling resiliency with such class! Your inspirational visual journey has been a true gift. May you continue to be blessed with P E A C E along with the courage and exceptional artistry.

  • 26.
    leanne said…

    I love to see how your projects come together. Thank you for sharing. I take your one little word class and I know your word is OPEN, and I think that you need to give yourself some huge recognition… You are so OPEN on this blog, you share your story as well as Simon and Anna’s stories and are completely real and honest. It refreshing to know that its ok to share your ups and your downs, we all have them and reading and seeing your story inspires me to tell mine……

  • 27.
    Leanne in CA said…

    Love this! Thanks so much for sharing your album and thoughts and feelings on putting it together. I appreciate the video.

  • 28.
    Carolyn HP said…

    Love this Ali! Looks like you enjoyed your process, and I do love that you use products that make you feel inspired and want to create! Love the final product, so thank you for sharing your pages, and this wonderful project with us, your readers! The video was great too!

  • 29.
    justiss said…

    Hey Ali, I’ve been following you for a few years and you never cease to amaze me with your creativity and style! I have to admit, though I have wanted to participate in these projects I am SO OVERWHELMED with the thought of doing something like this – which is RIDICULOUS because I’m a photographer. Maybe it just SEEMS overwhelming. Anyways, I am embarking on a shift in my life – it’s super emotional and I want to document it like this. Can you recommend simple steps to get started? Or a program that will gently guide me? Maybe something that will set me up for success right away so I don’t get frustrated and want to quit :) Anyways, thank you for always sharing your life and your mad documenting skillz with us!

  • 30.
    Donna B said…

    Amazing & Awesome. Thanks for sharing & inspiring, Ali!

  • 31.

    Just wanted to echo what others have said above, thanks for the on-going inspiration Ali.
    Even though l didn’t participate in Week in the Life, i find your work super inspiring and whether i participate in a specific project or not l find that it fuels me for the next one l tackle. Just finished Hello Story with you, and everywhere l look l am seeing stories !!! :)
    Be well Ali.

  • 32.
    Jenny B. said…

    Yay! I love it! It looks so great. I really love all the chipboard pieces and the washi tape. :) I have all my opening pages done, but have been putting off diving into the collage pages and in-between pages. Soooo many photos to choose from. I think I will have less words this year, too. I did a lot of detail journaling through the week, so I think I’m just going to let those pages stand on their own, and not worry about rewriting a lot of it on my photo pages. Anyway… just rambling here. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  • 33.
    dawn said…

    LOVE IT ALI!! Looks wonderful and those kids look so big and soooo CUTE!!! Thanks so much for letting us share this project with you and for the inspiration you give us. Great video too!!

  • 34.
    simplypearl said…

    thanks for sharing your album. love it! always so inspiring. now off to work on my WITL.

  • 35.
    Jennifer McNeely said…

    Love it – now I wish I had done it :)

  • 36.
    Kristin A. said…

    I just noticed as I anticipated putting my album together that you didn’t include any ephemera this year – any particular reason?

  • 37.
    Melissa Ess said…

    I wish you did more videos, tfs

  • 38.
    Shannan said…

    Hi – I am just putting my album together now (I did my WITL a week late). Some days I found that I didn’t take enough photos but I am happy to ‘cheat’ a little and use ones I already have or take some now to make up for it. Photos of things that aren’t specific to that particular week but that show our lives right now – the kids bedrooms, rooms in our house, our backyard, books we’ve recently bought etc. I want to look back on this album as a slice of our lives right now and don’t feel like I can only use photos taken within the seven days. Just a thought if people are having slow photo days. Love your album as always.

  • 39.
    Teresa L. said…

    This looks amazing all pulled together in an album. I am almost finished, need to add my writing/thoughts and the last page. Not sure what I do with it, yet. I used your layered templates as inspiration, but used my actual paper pictures and glued them on white cardstock.
    I wanted to know how much of photo editing you do after you load them up?
    Thanks. This has been year 4 for me for WITL. Looking back is so much fun and so inspiring…amazing to see the personal, but also creative transformations over the years.
    Thank you for inspiring me on a daily basis.

  • 40.
    Alicia said…

    What kind of clear plastic tabs do you use on your inserts? BTW- LOVE the daily truth and note to self!

  • 41.
    Amber said…

    What kind of photo paper you use? The kind I bought from our local store sticks really bad to my page protectors. Thanks!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      I use Epson photo paper or Illford Gallerie Smooth Pearl.

    • ….
      Amber said…


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