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While on vacation this week we've invited a few of our friends to share their favorite layout of all time  +  why it is so special to them.

Say hello to Becky Higgins.
Hi guys! Big hug to Ali and Katie for inviting me to be a guest here on the blog today. I am personally so delighted by what they’re both doing with our Project Life® system, and continue to be inspired by the way they document life on a regular basis.

When they asked me to share my favorite layout of all time + why it’s so special to me, my first thought was, That’s like asking which of my children is our favorite. Can’t do it. No way. Impossible!

There are so many layouts that I would categorize as my “favorites”. I’ve been scrapbooking since 1994. So instead of pegging “the one” as “the favorite” I decided to practically throw a dart (flip through an album) and see where I landed. Today I’m sharing with you one of my favorites.

Some of you may assume I would share a recent Project Life layout. Of course this is my favorite way to do scrapbooks. But just for fun … I’m shaking things up today. I’m going back in time. In fact, I’m going back several years and I’m choosing to share a “traditional” creative layout. For old times’ sakes.  ; )

This randomly selected layout is one I created 11 years ago, actually. It’s one of my favorites for several reasons: Most of all, it features everyday details about our kitchen in Ohio when we lived there. That’s no longer our kitchen of course, and so these pictures really take me back. I love that.

Besides the more important photos and story of course, here are my top 4 creative features about the layout:

ONE  |  I love color and include a lot of color in my scrapbooks … so this neutral color palette is incredibly refreshing to my eyes.

TWO  |  There’s a little book plate label holder for the sub title. As a long-time scrapbooker, I’ve evolved over the years and have seen my share of trends that come and go. The little label holders that fasten to the page with brads are still awesome, in my opinion. Such a clever little detail. I have fond memories of fastening label holders to my pages.
THREE  |  Ribbon. I loved using ribbon and in this case, the thinnest strip of ribbon was a lovely edge around my matting. Sometimes I can hardly believe I spent this much time on a layout - but at the same time, I love that I did that. I love everything about evolution.
BH_4 2
FOUR  |  Sewing machine? Check. White thread? Check. Yep - I totally sewed on my pages and  I still think that’s such a cool finishing touch. I don’t do it anymore. I have completely simplified my whole scrapbooking mentality and process thank goodness, but boy do I love little details like this when I look back.
Okay - So I know I’m only supposed to share one favorite layout, but I came across another one that I just have to share, and this is why: It’s such a time capsule for our family. The theme is Costco staples. The pictures and the story are about the typical stuff we picked up at Costco seven years ago. We still shop at Costco. Some things still remain as our staples today. Other things, not so much. I absolutely love documenting seemingly mundane things like this to tell the story of who we are, how we live, what we do, and all the little in betweens like bread and tissues.

ABOUT  |  Becky Higgins is the creator of the original, ultra-simple, solution-based, pocket scrapbooking system called Project Life®. Everything she creates and shares ties into her personal philosophy that we should “cultivate a good life and record it”. She believes that the process of documenting life can be simple and hassle-free. BeckyHiggins.com is home base for learning about Project Life. Between her blog, facebook, twitter, and instragram, there is a constant flow of inspiration at any given time.

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