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While on vacation this week we've invited a few of our friends to share their favorite layout of all time  +  why it is so special to them.

Say hello to Elizabeth Kartchner.

It has been 18 years since my father passed away. I was fifteen years old and I can vividly remember that day. One of the most shocking things about losing a loved one is that it hasn't gotten easier for me.

I definitely have more good days than bad now but the hurt is still as deep and sharp... as shocking and sacred.

Scrapbooking about him can be difficult because it brings up emotions and sadness but at the same time it is healing. It mends my heart to record memories and share stories that I don’t want to fade away. The journaling for this layout answers the question, "What would we do if we had one more day together?" ...and we would walk.

My dad was legally blind so many of my fondest memories are walking together somewhere. Just me and him. Knowing with all my heart I’ll see him again and walk together gets me through the times when I miss him.


I chose this as my favorite layout because the journaling is very real and personal to me. It's a page that I will treasure the words as much, if not more, as the photos.


It's also something that I want my children to read someday and get to know more about their Papa Kevin in heaven. Plus, I feel connected to my dad when I tell his story and share my insights of his legacy.


ABOUT | When I am not chasing my kiddos, or doing those "mom" things that would make my 16 year old self laugh, you can find me in my studio. Definitely my escape where I am creating, blogging or working on my newest Dear Lizzy line of products. I've scrapbooked since I was a little girl and technically started my first album in 5th grade... and it's grand. Just in time to document boy crushes and soccer games. But I would have never pictured that I would get to do such great things with this incredible hobby. I started by winning Creating Keepsakes's Scrapbooker of the Year in 2007. From there, I starTing writing a monthly article in CK called "Dear Lizzy" and a published book 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges. In 2012, I released another book through the Signature Series. I have been blessed to meet scrapbookers all over the world through traveling and my blog: Dear Lizzy. This hobby is definitely so much more to me than paper and glue.
I married my first date and best friend, Collin, almost eleven years ago. I am a mother to three darling girls and I just got my boy this past April. I'm pretty much obsessed with him. I also enjoy photography, fashion and being with my family.

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