Week in the Life : Tuesday Photos + Words (and a workshop giveaway)

Just a note that Stacy Julian organized a really cool project encouraging everyone to give ourselves the gift of the present moment. This is precisely what we are doing with this week in the life journey. Check out her blog today.


From Tuesday:

week in the life : tuesday morning by you.

week in the life : tuesday morning before school by you.

week in the life : morning work by you.

week in the life : chris at work by you.

week in the life : driving to the farmer's market by you.

week in the life : farmer's market by you.

week in the life : capturing me by you.

week in the life : coming home by you.

week in the life : hello darth by you.

week in the life : pumpkins on the porch by you.

week in the life : simon's day by you.

week in the life : farmer's market bounty by you.

week in the life : fresh flowers by you.

week in the life : simon + chris fixing tostadas by you.

week in the life : german apple cake by you.

week in the life : reading homework by you.

Went with the simple list idea again - not as detailed as day one, but still much more than I would ever do without this project.

1. Super happy Simon wake-up this morning. He came into our room around 2am. I stayed for a bit and then went to his bed (which happens to be a bit more comfortable because of a firmer mattress). He joined me at about 5:45am just before the alarm went off at 6am.
2. Breakfast routine same as Monday: bagel + cream cheese for Simon, cereal for Chris, and me, I have to wait a bit for my thyroid medication. I usually eat after Simon leaves for school.
3. Every morning that Simon is cheerful I am so very thankful.
4. Working on a project for Australian Creating Keepsakes.
5. Listening to OPB.
6. Head out to the Farmer’s Market. Pick up spinach, carrots, celery, red onion, raspberries, and flowers. Grab a toasted bagel from Bagel Sphere.
7. Ship package to Australia.
8. Look up some recipes at www.allrecipes.com. Do a bit of meal planning for the week.
9. Text Chris to pick up a couple things at the grocery store.
10. Make German Apple Cake + eat hummus and pita chips for lunch.
11. Clean up kitchen.
12. Move laundry around.
13. Back to work. Internet. Emails.
14. Talk to Mom on the phone. Ask her about how to get the cake out of the bundt pan.
15. Totally bummed that Mothering.com message board has been down today.
16. Simon comes home on the bus.
17. We check out his Communication Notebook. Looks good. He brought home the same library book he brought home almost every trip last year.
18. On comes the Darth Vader costume and Star Wars video.
19. Chris talks on the phone. Mom reads about cloth diapers.
20. I take a little nap.
21. Dinner is tostadas (Chris cooks). Dessert is the German Apple Cake.
22. Simon does his math homework (no complaints tonight) at the table and then puts on his PJ’s.
23. Reading homework on the couch.
24. Family light saber battle.
25. Simon in bed. Read Green Eggs + Ham.
26. Back to work for a bit.
27. Watch Tivo’d John Stewart.


This week I am excited to give away a spot in Kolette Hall's Giving Well (In 2-hours or Less) online workshop at Big Picture Scrapbooking.

Kolette is one of my favorite people and happens to be having a baby right around the same time as me next year. She is a fabulous product designer and instructor who really keeps the emphasis on things being meaningful and coming from the heart.

Here's the basics of Giving Well:

Gift-giving is an art. From the gift tag and wrapping paper to what's inside the package, you are saying something when you give a gift. Back by popular demand, Kolette Hall has designed a fresh round of fabulous, manageable gift ideas for the holiday season and all year long. This class is literally packed with everything you need to give well for the holidays or any special event all year long - and Kolette has designed every idea you will see in this class!

Every other day, you will receive a new idea for "Giving Well (still in 2-hours or less!)." True to form, Kolette has also included her exclusive downloadable artwork to help you create the perfect gifts, holiday cards and gift tags. As those of you who joined us last year for Giving Well know, you will be amazed with what you get in just four weeks of class time.

You asked for it, so we're starting class a month earlier than last year to make sure you have plenty of time to get those projects done for the holidays! Whether you are mass producing one gift idea or choosing to craft a different gift for each person on your list, you'll get tons of ideas for creating personalized gifts in less than two hours. Come join Kolette as she guides you in your new art form: the art of Giving Well.

You can read all the details about this online workshop here. It runs October 9 through November 5th. While you are there you can also check out her year long workshop for 2009: A Life Well Crafted.

To be entered leave a comment below and let us know if you have started planning for the upcoming holiday season yet. Comment section will be closed at 5pm today (Wednesday) and the winner announced shortly after.


A complete list of posts related to the week in the life project can be found here.

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638 thoughts

  1. Theresa says…

    Oh yes I have started. My girlfriend and I have come up with our Christmas cards so we will begin making them this month. My husband and I are toying with the idea of a artificial Christmas tree after 27 years of lives ones. This is a tough transition and I do not know if we will go their just yet.

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  2. jkhenson says…

    I haven't started getting gifts, yet. Our youngest daughter turns 10 next week, so all our current preparations are for her special day and following get togethers. But I will start working on the holidays after that! :)

    Reply 0 Replies
  3. Aia says…

    i always start planning early to budget accordingly! having a large (& extended) family is wonderful, but tricky. i also have some ideas churning in my head for making my own xmas cards & gifts, hopefully i will take a class and start soon.
    btw, loving the perspective i am gaining with this project...so fun!

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  4. René says…

    I have definitely started working on my holiday gifts! One of the cutest I've been working on is altering crystal light containers into doggie treat presents for dog-friends at the dog park. They won't be filled until holiday time but just getting the containers done now will save so much time in the future.

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  5. Cameron H says…

    Haven't even started planning for tomorrow yet, let alone the holidays! Sounds like a fun class.

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  6. Flora says…

    I just realized this past weekend that there's less than 90 days left until Christmas. I hadn't started planning until that moment of realization hit, but I feel much better about it all now. My family and I will be spending Christmas visiting our nation's capitol. It will be our first trip to DC, so we're looking forward to it. ~Flora

    Reply 0 Replies
  7. Theresa says…

    I am at the beginning of planning, which means it is all in my mind right now. Just started recently to think of gifts for my children and others. Looking for inspiration for hand-made gifts to give. Just ordered an album for my "Holidays 2008" project I want to complete this year.

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  8. Michelle Evans says…

    I shop all year long so it's not such a financial burden all at once and so I can enjoy the holiday "happenings" of 4 BUSY children. I've been trying to come up with homemade ideas to accomplish before December, so I'd love a spot in the class
    I don't read blogs often, so I didn't know you were expecting - Congratulations! I truly believe we learn so much from our children and each one we add to our lives brings a completely different perspective!
    Have a great day!

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  9. margaret says…

    About half of holiday planning/shopping is already done because that family is in Japan!!! Got get posted EARLY.

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  10. Canay says…

    I am so stressed about Christmas this year. Last year my sister-in-law announced that she did not want buy gifts any more because it stresses her out. It is only OK if we make something. Well...that is all well and good for her since she is artsy and creative. But I actually have more fun thinking about what someone would like and going shopping. I SUCK at homemade stuff. So...I really need this class!!!

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  11. Traci Smith says…

    Hi Ali~
    I'm following along with this project and have my words+ pictures going too. I forgot my camera a couple times during the day...but it's only work, so no big deal!
    This book by Kolette looks awesome. I know my boss would LOVE it, so I am going to refer her.
    Just want to say that you are such inspiration to keep me going on my projects and starting new ones! THANK YOU!!

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  12. kathryn says…

    Not even close!
    How on earth is it October?
    The weather was cooling down and it was feeling a bit like Fall here is So Cal... but then a heat wave hit and it is HOT! So it is hard to think the holidays are on their way. Hopefully it will cool down soon & then I will get back in Fall mode & be able to start getting ready for the Holidays.

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  13. Crystal says…

    Haven't really started to think about it yet, wish I was the plan ahead person. We usually take our Christmas card picture on Thanksgiving. Wow Christmas is coming up so fast 3 months.

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  14. Susan says…

    I have put my rubon letters on a holiday notebook that will hopefully help me get through the season with a little more sanity than usual. I'll include pages for gifts, cards received and sent, ornaments needed, creative ideas for next year, baking lists and possibly travel itineraries depending on our plan to stay home or travel to see our parent's over the holidy break. I even picked up a couple of gifts within the last week that need to be written in the notebook. I should do that now since it is on my brain. Blink and it might be gone!

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  15. Holly S says…

    I too am thinking about Christmas crafts/cards right now...I love to receive handmade gifts and love to give them also!

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  16. Alicia in Salem says…

    I have started a bit of planning, but not as much as I need to do. Want to make some gifts this year, as opposed to running out and spending way too much money at the last minute. Totally shoots the budget down for January.
    Alicia in Salem

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  17. stephanie cunningham says…

    shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............don't tell my husband:) OK, as much as I say I can't believe that stores already have Christmas stuff out............I have started!! There is a handful of people that prefer handmade gifts (grandparents, siblings...you know the drill) and so I have started -- calendars are prepped, Rustic photo stars for 4 and I have 4 of the 6 scrapbook albums done. Am I going to forget every single place that I have stashed presents...........YUP!!!!

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  18. Toni says…

    I've started to think about Christmas, gifts, some projects, but no real planning yet.

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  19. Anna Vollmer says…

    I'd love something like that. My husband and I are in the process of buying our first house, so money is going to be a little tight this year for the holidays. I've always wanted to make the gifts that I give for christmas, but I never seem to know what to make. Thank you for the opportunity.

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  20. MandyKay says…

    No planning for me yet, hat to start too early it takes the enjoyment out of it. I have been vaguely thinking about my design for Christmas cards. Love what you are doing now Ali, I love being in the now, love Stacey Julian's project too. I think Kolette's classes are wonderful and would love to do this one too.

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  21. Kim W says…

    I'd love a chance to take this class. I need a little boost in the inspiration department right now!

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  22. Becky says…

    Love the holidays and all the projects that go along with it. We're busy planning for Thanksgiving already since we have family coming from out of town. We always do some sort of craft in the afternoon and can't wait to come up with a great idea for this year!

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  23. Monica Brown says…

    I definitely start thinking about the holidays in September, particularly since my children are going through a "Frosty the Snowman" and "Rudolph" video phase. We have been watching them over and over and over again! Thanks!

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  24. Tracy D says…

    My husband has an instinct about giving well. Unfortunately, I could use a class!! Pick me! Pick me!

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  25. Cynthia says…

    I met with a friend to start holiday cards last weekend, but we decided to make some Halloween cards first and what with one thing and another, no holiday cards. But a super fun day and there is still tons of time, so not feeling stressed at all.

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