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Weekend Creative : Felt Garland



[ this project was also featured yesterday in the Home & Garden Buzz at CafeMom.com : thanks Sheri ]

This is a very simple, fun, inexpensive, low-stress project that can be done while sitting on the couch watching your favorite holiday movies. I got the idea from a recent craft/antique fair where they had some great cream felted-wool garlands hanging on the trees.


Really all you need is some felt, scissors for cutting, wire & needle for stringing, and some wire cutters to snip at the end.


I cut up a bunch of wonderfully imperfect squares (this means no measuring) and strung them onto the wire using a needle. My squares (and some became more like rectangles) were about


Make it as short or as long as you want. One color, multi-color, etc.


String it on the tree when you are done.

I think this is definitely a project that kids could participate in with supervision.

Here's some other felt garland ideas I found online - some are how-to's and others are from shops:


December Daily post coming later this morning.

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54 thoughts

  1. emily ruth says…

    i like how it just looks so substantial! this is not a wimpy garland! super cute, my dear, super cute...

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  2. Audrey B. says…

    I love to read your December daily and seeing what you are going to find next. Thanks for your inspiration!

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  3. Melissa Haworth says…

    Oh my goodness-thank you for the link to my felt garland tutorial. I checked my stats for the first time this month and wow do you drive traffic. I would have come by to thank you sooner if I had known. Your garland is great and my wool garland is still holding up a year later.

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  4. Amy says…

    I didn't find your post on this... or your wonderful blog... until a week or so before Christmas. However, I was so inspired that I went out and bought some felt. And guess what? I got it done! The garland is now in my "Christmas 2009" box waiting for my tree next year. :) Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas. They bring happiness to my day!

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