December Daily Inspirations From The Flickr Gallery

I've been enjoying browsing through the 2009 December Daily Flickr gallery and seeing people's albums evolve. Here's some that have caught my eye (click on the name to go to the Flickr page that features the photo): 

MELANIE.LOUETTE : I love the white and the serene feeling of this one. 

THE COZY FARMHOUSE : I love the colors and all the horizontal lines and how active & joyful it feels. 

ALEXANDRA S.M. : Love the use of the photo tag on the left. 

TRYBABE : This album has a great mix of digital elements & crafty/artsy textural elements. I really likes seeing what she did with the canvas pages.  

MONIKA WRIGHT : Love the idea of documenting the Christmas favorites from each person in the family. 

MONIQUE(MOKI) : Great concept for documenting with words when you don't have the photos. 


AMYGREN : I really want to take some photos of my ornaments this year - love this idea. 

VEE : Really inspired by the size & colors & random elements going into this album (love the journal strips + stitching too). I might just have to make a second little celebration album that fits in my hand. 

LIFEONFLOWER : Love the simplicity of photos & words.



SCRAPPERJJB : I like how this album has a bunch of inter-active elements & things that open and close. I also really love that number paper in red on one side and in silver/grey on the other.  


PUGMAMMA : Love the idea of including a calendar from school. 

Thank you for sharing your stories!

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34 thoughts

  1. mamaAyanna says…

    WOW! I never knew much about scrapbooking/ artistic ways of documenting. Now seeing all of this I wish more so I had everything in order and could start creating with my BOXES of photos as well! Thanks for sharing inspiration!

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  2. Nikki Love says…

    all of these are TERRIFIC!!!!!

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  3. Jen Chesnut says…

    Ali, I ordered the "puzzle" technique tiles to make personalized photo puzzles for my nephews and niece. I have emailed Technique Tuesday but have not heard anything from them...I need to know what I can use to adhere the photo to the puzzle pieces. Then, I need to know if I can laminate the pieces (for my nieces puzzle...she still puts things in her mouth) and have them still go together?
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you!!!

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  4. Sandi says…

    These ladies are really doing a great job!
    Thanks for sharing their talent.
    Sandi N.

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  5. christen says…

    i have been enjoying the flickr gallery so much. there is so much talent there and it gives me so much inspiration. thanks everyone!

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  6. Susan says…

    I've been bummed because I haven't been able to work on my Daily December as often I wanted. Now I'm glad because your post provided lots of inspiration and ideas! Tonight I'll be photographing my ornaments.

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  7. Lindsay R says…

    hey, ali...on a different note...just found lego shaped crayons on etsy...stocking stuffer for simon?
    happy december!

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  8. Stacy Milford says…

    Got some of my favorite Christmas decorations photographed & posted to my blog...I'd love to have you all come visit!!!
    Take care,

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  9. Linda says…

    Hello, Can you please give me information on how to start and supplies ect on this daily inspration journals. I journal everyday and was tring to fiqure out how to use a daily planner for my daily journaling and drawing of daily life.
    Can you please help with info or a blog or videos .
    Thank-you so,
    Happy Holidadays,

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