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Last week I put in an order for two Memory Keepers from Paper Coterie.

I loved the idea of them - a personalized box to store special keepsakes, papers, artwork, etc. I loved the full-photo option. I was hoping that they would be as cool as I imagined...I think they just might be cooler.

The process of choosing a design, uploading, and adjusting the elements to make it my own was simple and easy. I received great customer service via chat their online chat when I had a question about the cropping of one of my photos.

Here's what they looked like on my screen after I put in my order. One for Anna...

And one for Simon...

And here's what they look like in "real" life:

I removed the background pattern from the initial design and chose a plain background (I started with the Diagonal Stripe design). They have a really nice selection of fonts to choose from, including one of my favorites Avenir. I really like that you can place a title/text on the spine - great for storing them standing up.

The black linen inside:

Here's one where you can see the sizing (love the size):

They are 9.75 inches wide x 13 inches tall x about 2 inches deep.

I chose to write the kids names and 2011-2012 with the intent of putting things in there for this upcoming school year. Not sure I really want an annual collection of boxes but it's a good place to begin.

I could definitely imagine doing more of these. Maybe one with a collage of heritage photos to hold special family keepsakes or a collage of baby images and storing some of those baby things that haven't yet made it into a scrapbook (or are really just too bulky to go in an album).

Super excited about these and can't wait to start putting special things inside.

I looked around on their site and see that they are currently offering everyone $40 to spend during their ‘Begin Anywhere’ event this month by entering the code: beginanywhere. Shipping is not included. Code is valid August 1 – 31.

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  1. Meredith says…

    I love these! I just tried to place an order and the website no longer exists. I wonder why the company went out of business! Bummer!

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  2. Maura says…

    I also tried to order these but Paper Coterie is out of business! I wish I knew where I could order something like this!

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