Love These | Memory Keepers

Last week I put in an order for two Memory Keepers from Paper Coterie.

I loved the idea of them - a personalized box to store special keepsakes, papers, artwork, etc. I loved the full-photo option. I was hoping that they would be as cool as I imagined...I think they just might be cooler.

The process of choosing a design, uploading, and adjusting the elements to make it my own was simple and easy. I received great customer service via chat their online chat when I had a question about the cropping of one of my photos.

Here's what they looked like on my screen after I put in my order. One for Anna...

And one for Simon...

And here's what they look like in "real" life:

I removed the background pattern from the initial design and chose a plain background (I started with the Diagonal Stripe design). They have a really nice selection of fonts to choose from, including one of my favorites Avenir. I really like that you can place a title/text on the spine - great for storing them standing up.

The black linen inside:

Here's one where you can see the sizing (love the size):

They are 9.75 inches wide x 13 inches tall x about 2 inches deep.

I chose to write the kids names and 2011-2012 with the intent of putting things in there for this upcoming school year. Not sure I really want an annual collection of boxes but it's a good place to begin.

I could definitely imagine doing more of these. Maybe one with a collage of heritage photos to hold special family keepsakes or a collage of baby images and storing some of those baby things that haven't yet made it into a scrapbook (or are really just too bulky to go in an album).

Super excited about these and can't wait to start putting special things inside.

I looked around on their site and see that they are currently offering everyone $40 to spend during their ‘Begin Anywhere’ event this month by entering the code: beginanywhere. Shipping is not included. Code is valid August 1 – 31.

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81 thoughts

  1. Ginny says…

    I almost ordered those last week & decided to wait. I even made the first one ... I think you have me changing my mind :)

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  2. Diane says…

    You sure find the neatest sites. I love checking your site to find new ideas and vendors. Love the box! Yours came out so cute!

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  3. Roberta says…

    Hey Ali...I'm so excited because I just got my boxes in the mail yesterday and couldn't wait to blog about it ;) I had no trouble with their site at all and so happy with the final product.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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  4. liz says…

    OMIGOSH Ali! The boxes are incredible! I love that you went with the full photo spread (great photo choices too), it's so classic and elegant. I'm so in love. Tonight I was just wondering how I should go about storing keepsakes for audrey - like the dress that my mom made for her. This box may be just the thing!

    And thanks for that last photo of you holding the box, had no idea it was that big. It's so perfect!

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  5. La'son says…

    Wow. Those are fantastic! Thanks for sharing, Ali.

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  6. Scrapbooking Ideas says…

    This is definitely cool! Awesome! For the past days I have been thinking of which gift would be nice or a friend and I think this would be great! Thanks for sharing!

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  7. Margot Madison says…

    Woah! That's brilliant! Thanks for the link!

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  8. Bianca says…

    You know how you sometimes muse about really needing something specific (for an important application) but don't think it actually exists? Then I visited your blog and as if god-send this link and the code was exactly what I was looking for - ordering now! Thank you!!

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  9. PaulaPerk says…

    Thank you for this post! I ordered 3 Memory Keepers for Christmas gifts- I LOVE them! So easy to use the program and the boxes came out great. Thanks for sharing.

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