And the giveaways go to...

One person will receive a spot in the Remains of the Day online class with Mary Ann Moss.

  • #503 • Bethany Becker said…What amazing giveaways! Thanks for the chance to win!

Three people will receive a spot in the A Cut Above – a new workshop from Online Card Classes.

  • #111 • Jenny A said…Cool prizes! Those Chic tags look awesome!

  • #153 • melissa dl said…awesome giveaways (again!) thank you for the chnce to win!

  • #315 • Jenn Serrano said…Really love the chic tags, thank u.

One person will receive the On The Clock collection (buttons included) and one person will receive the Lively Day collection from Chic Tags.

  • #343 • Christine said…Enjoy your weekend Ali. So fun to see your spring break fun!

  • #381 • Michelle huegel said…Those journals and tags look.incredible! And I wish I had a silhouette, the class looks fun

Congratulations! If you see your name above please email me with your contact information.

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4 thoughts

  1. Bethany Becker says…

    Oh wow I won! Thanks so much! The email has been sent. It looks like a fabulous class!

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  2. Sherrie says…

    Congrats to the winners - such wonderful prizes.

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  3. jenn serrano says…

    I am so excited I won! Thank you,Ali ans sponsers. I have tried to email you Ali, but keep getting email failure notices. My email is Thanks again.

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  4. Michelle Huegel says…

    Email sent! Nearly had to call for medical assistance after my mini heart attack though! So exciting to win something :)

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