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5 thoughts

  1. Lynne Gillis says…

    Yea! So happy to see volumes #1 and #2 of the Work and Life! Thanks so much! ;-)

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    1. Rina says…

      Talk about community in action! Thanks Ali

    2. Ali says…

      Thank you for the suggestions Lynne! I always appreciate hearing what people would like to see!

  2. Christine says…

    Love these, made a purchase just to get started with some inspiration for today. Thanks!!

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  3. Carolyn Carter says…

    Hello Ali,
    I am so new to this that I don't understand what brushes and stamps mean on your design layouts. I just bought my Cameo on Thursday so I'm still in the "baby" stages of learning it and I just got my PL kit last week. So, could you tell me what they are used for?

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