Digital Product Releases | 04.20.13

Here's a look at what was new last weekend at Designer Digitals.

Please remember that all the word-art comes to you as black and white PNG files - the recoloring on the preview images is for display purposes only.

First up: What We've Learned From You Layered Templates (you can read more about these and take a look at my album here).

Hello You Circles

He Circle Messages

She Circle Messages

Baby Circle Messages

Interested in learning more about digital scrapbooking? Check out my free series of posts on Getting Started here.

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5 thoughts

  1. Laura Moegenburg says…

    Ali - have you ever made any brushes about "Happy Hour" or "Cocktail Hour"? I am an empty nester, my friends and I often get together before dinner for a drink or listen to music in our local parks and these times, pictures are prevalent in my PL. Have used evenings, good times, etc. Something more specific would be nice.

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    1. Marsaille says…

      Great idea! We host quite a few little parties, love it!

    2. Ali says…

      Love that idea Laura - I've got one set right now that includes "cocktail hour" but I can definitely do another set that is more geared towards happy hour. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Kim Kern says…

    Ali - What exactly is a "Layered Template" and is there a place that explains them and how to use them? I tried to look around yesterday for more details but didn't have any luck. :)

    Thanks for any details or a point in the right direction. So glad I found your blog, I have meet you in Hermiston before & at conventions, and find you absolutely delightful. (Both were a long time ago 2005 I think)

    Thanks again, Kim Kern

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    1. Ali says…

      Hi Kim! A layered template is a file to be opened and adjusted using Photoshop Elements or Photoshop. The "layered" part means that it's not a "flat file" and you are able to move pieces of the template around on the page. I've got a series on Getting Started here: That series includes a free layered template download and video tutorials to walk you through the process: