What's Real Right Now

Here's a look at what's real around here right now:

1. I set my alarm for 5am this morning to get up early and get some stuff done before getting the kids up for school. I pushed the snooze button 8 times and ended up getting up after 6am. Waking up in the dark again seems to be a tough adjustment for me. Hello Fall

2. I'm currently working on content for next month's Story Stamp™. The reviews were really positive about this month, which is awesome. Thank you. There's still time to join the subscription and get this month's stamp set if you're interested

3. I have zero desire to cook anything. I did pin these muffins yesterday. I'm hoping after I get home from Peru I'll be back in the cooking mode, which usually amps up for me during this time of year. 

4. I'm still coughing. I've got one of those colds that just won't go away. I've been getting to bed early which has been good and smart, but it's making it so I have less consistent blog posts right now. Thanks for hanging in there while I make it through this phase. 

5. I'm feeling way too attached to my phone again and my kids are feeling way too attached to their screens again too. Time for a recalibration for all three of us. 

6. I really like Aaron. 

7. I did end up printing Project Life® photos last weekend which made me really happy (I had posted a message on Facebook that went something like this, "I will print Project Life® photos today. I will print Project Life® photos today.") I also did a whole lot of nothing this past weekend which made me really happy as well. 

8. I'm feeling that desire to do a major unloading of "stuff" again. It tends to happen to me when the seasons change and/or when I'm really busy and there is literally no time to make it happen. 

9. Emotionally, I feel really good. It's up and down for me and right now happens to feel pretty darn good. I'll take it. 

10. I want to scrapbook/make layouts. I'm in a place right now where a lot of my time is going into designing products and writing content, which is awesome and something I like, but it's funny how when I get really busy all I want to do is make layouts. 

11. Usually by this time of the year Chris and I have the holidays all figured out but this year we've both been busy and haven't had a chance to get it squared away. Which I'm totally okay with. This year I think I might just stay home and sink into this place a little more. I was thinking last weekend as I sat on the couch how much I love just being here. I like the concept of "sinking in" in a meaningful, be-present sort of way. Accepting it for what it is and letting it shelter me. I guess it's a little like letting it do it's own job for me (vs. me trying to make it into something else).

12. Time for me to take a shower. Have a great day. 

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43 thoughts

  1. wendymorris says…

    Love that #6! Ha!
    Happy for you and love is a good thing!
    I feel ya.

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  2. sortedscrapper says…

    Love the 'think I'll stay home and sink into this place a little more'. Feels like home when it's like this.

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  3. tcanonico says…

    Life sounds very very good Ali! I'm reading this at almost 2:30am as I fight insomnia. So good to hear you are still an amazing sleeper. I was just telling someone today of your incredible ability to almost instantly fall asleep. Enjoy your sleep and all the other good things life is bring your way. xoxo

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  4. stampnscrap247 says…

    Wild Cherry Bark will help with the cough. DOnt use too much or you till be in the ladies room. 2 days it will be knocked out. It was what Robitussen used to have in it, as a healing...where "cherry" flavor came from...make no mistake, tastes NOTHING like cherry...like a tree...

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  5. Seester2t says…

    #6 made me smile :)
    I am beyond #8. We have been remodeling two, yes TWO bathrooms at the same time. Whose bright idea was that anyway? And my house looks like an episode of hoarders. It has been this way for five months. I want to run away. Or get a construction dumpster and throw the whole thing out!
    As much as I love Fall, the smells, the colors, football etc. I do not do well with the amount of daylight getting smaller and smaller as we approach winter. :( I am such a light girl.
    Hope your cough gets better soon.

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  6. pmmessner says…

    all good.

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  7. waterkiwi2 says…

    #10 resonated with me. When I taught full-time, all I thought about--when I could--was scrapbooking. Once I no longer taught and legitimately had a LOT more time, I wasn't as motivated. It showed me how scrapbooking was not just a hobby, but an escape and stress-buster for me. Once the stress was gone, it wasn't as motivating for me. Now that I have a baby, it has returned as a stress-buster and my only "me" time. :)

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  8. Exhaustedbeyondbelief says…

    I love this!

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