Week In The Life™ 2014 | Saturday Words & Photos

Words matter. 

They add context and personalize our overall memory keeping experience. They also answer the reason why like I mentioned on Thursday's photos - the why adds so much. Thanks for playing along with my reminder yesterday and I appreciate those of you who are taking it to heart for your own words and stories. I hope it encourages you to tell more. 

Today I'm going to share what Saturdays are for around here. 

My weekends aren't always the same. Chris and I share weekend time with the kids so there are many weekends I'm on my own. This weekend the kids are here with me (last year when I did this project they were with Chris). Most weekends with the kids are really low key - hanging out, recharging, relaxing. Today was a little outside the norm, but it was awesome.

As I know many of you are, I'm looking forward to being done with the intensity of the documentation. I let up quite a bit by this time in the week and I'm totally okay with that. Take some time today to see what images you might be missing or what photos would make good fill-ins if you haven't taken as many as you'd like over the course of the week. 

I'll be back tomorrow to share my final day of words and photos and then later next week I'll share my process for getting all the content into an album. 


About 130 DSLR photos + 28 iphone.

Saturdays are for waking up later than the usual 5:30am or 6am alarm for kids and school during the week. 

Of course, everyday is for coffee. 

Saturdays are for all kinds of imaginative play. This is especially more fun when your cousin is in town and you are both wearing pink bathrobes. 

Saturdays are for computer games in your robe at Mom's desk. 

Saturdays are for baths in the middle of the day. 

Saturdays are for trips to Home Depot for new exterior door hardware. 

Saturdays are for lounging on the couch. Or in the case of this story, Anna needing some quiet time away from her cousin. 

Saturdays are for these kinds of looks. 

Sometimes Saturdays are for staying home all day and sometimes Saturdays are for adventures. This particular Saturday included a big adventure for my sister, Aaron, Simon and I as Jessica got tickets to the University of Oregon football game against Stanford. 

We took a cab from my house over to the Stadium and Simon jumped right in the front seat. 

Many of you know that I went to Oregon State and I'm definitely a Beaver fan. I will always be a Beaver fan. But man it was fun to go to Autzen and watch the Ducks. 

And I loved having my sister be the one to take me. 

Saturdays are for meeting up with friends who know just how to engage Simon. 

Saturdays are for laughing. 

Saturdays are for capturing life in whole new environments. 

This is right up there as a favorite photo for the whole week. This is precisely why I carry that big camera around. 

Jessica and Simon sat together one row in front of us and a few seats down the aisle. At first he was completely disinterested and we'd brought along his headphones and phone on the likely chance the whole thing would be too much for him. He ended up doing awesome and so much of it had to do with Jessica's support and encouragement and teaching him different aspects of the game. 

The moment I saw him engaged and interested I was so, so happy. 

Saturdays are for getting out of the house. 

Saturdays are for doing things together. 

Saturdays are for moments. 

Jessica took this shot of Simon and shared the following on Instagram, "That moment - when your sweet little nephew - who really wasn't interested in going to the game - embraces his first football experience, learns some of the rules of the game, and totally gets into the excitement of it all."

Now that is absolutely what Saturday's are for. Love you Jessica. 


I'd love to have you share a link to your SATURDAY words and photos below. Please link directly to your post vs. a general blog link. In addition you're invited to come over to the free Week In The Life™ Community Gallery & Message Board.

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