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Introducing Story Kits™

Many months ago when we started talking about what this  kit subscription would look like I had a very clear idea that I wanted it to be first and foremost about the stories. I wanted to design and offer products in a kit format that were jumping off points to encourage people to include more of the stories of their lives in their scrapbook albums, regardless of the system used to hold those stories.

In addition to the intentional products, what I most wanted was to offer kits that included an  education component - a chance to present, open up, and focus on the reason why, to address different ideas for documenting stories related to specific themes (and to investigate all the different paths one theme can take), and for encouraging people to tell more. 

The result is the Story Stamp™ and Story Kit™ and Digital Story Kit™ subscriptions. 

Each subscription option includes full access to the Story Community Classroom - each monthly theme has it's own classroom. Inside each classroom you'll first find a theme video presentation that addresses the topic and storytelling ideas to go along with it. Under the Lessons tab you'll find (1) a full-color multi-page PDF that includes thoughts from the video presentation + storytelling ideas + how to's for the layouts I've completed that month and (2) a video that walks you through the process of creating one or more of the layouts I completed for the theme and (3) a product overview video (I'm sharing this video in this post below). 

In addition there is a message board and gallery for sharing your work and ideas with this community of memory keepers. 

Starting on January 1st, I'll welcome my first Guest Storytellers who will add their own take on working with the products and sharing their own stories (the guest storyteller content will be available in the classroom each month on the 1st). This month features Cathy Zielske and Pam Garrison

Here's a closer look at each subscription: 

The Story Stamp™ subscription is a 4x6 stamp set that includes, on average, around 25 individual stamps. 

The Story Kit™ subscription includes 3x4 and 4x6 cards that can be used in pocket pages or on traditional layouts. In addition each kit will include some combination of letter stickers, word/phrase stickers, a plastic word, and other intentional products/embellishments designed with the specific theme in mind. Check out the Theme page for a full list of what is included this month.

 If you subscribe to both the Story Stamp™ and the Story Kit™ you will receive the Digital Story Kit™ for FREE. 

The Digital Story Kit™ subscription includes many of the products from the Story Kit™ as PNG files (not always every product because there are simply some things that don't translate to digital products) plus the Story Stamps™ designs as PNG files. Check out the Theme page for a full list of what is included this month. 

For additional information check out the How It Works page here

Thank you to those of you who have jumped on board and trusted me with your time and money. I appreciate that support and I appreciate your interest in story-focused kits. 


I also wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of the positive messages that have been shared in the Story Community Classroom the past few months: 

J | Ali honestly I am blown away by this subscription. I am only into month two and it has by far enriched my life SO very much more than I could have ever imagined. I find myself listening each month and taking notes and highlighting and just generally going about my life and day differently and more mindfully and watching more for the daily stories which make up my life and for that I thank you!

C | I would like to send a personal, very heartfelt THANK YOU for taking a huge risk, changing your business around and embracing your amazing talent to share with us all! At first I thought, I don't really do stamps and don't really "need" any physical products BUT this months prompt & the introduction video had me writing notes, sketching ideas and letting the tears fall! This project is So SO much more than stamps!!!! 

S | I think that one of the reasons I love taking Ali's courses is the fact that they always - pretty much without fail - prompt me to really stop and think deeply about my life and my stories. The stories are stuck in there, just waiting to be drawn out. I'm so looking forward to giving myself permission to play with these stamps and products as a way to tease out those buried stories.

J | The classroom material is awesome this month, as always. This was the first month that I really didn't think I would use the theme, but thanks to the classroom content I already have some ideas.


Here's a video overview from the Story Classroom with a closer look at the products included in the Firsts Story Stamp™ and Story Kit™:

I hope you will consider joining me for these focused adventures in memory keeping. Upcoming themes include gatherings and AM/PM. 

Subscription details can be found here

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16 thoughts

  1. krystyn says…

    Ali - I LOVE my story kit! The only bummer is that the 3x4 cards are double sided so typically I will have to choose which side to use - which won't be easy...also because maybe the back side may not fit for the following week of PL, which is where is would be... :(

    Reply 0 Replies
  2. Laura_Steingiser says…

    I am thrilled with my kit. Perfect for PL, and I love the plastic envelope to keep it organized. It is easy to see alot of thought went into the planning of it all. Thank you so much.

    Reply 0 Replies
  3. Michelle06 says…

    I cannot wait for my kit and stamp subscriptions to arrive, so many stories to document. Some past, some present, some future even - I have given much thought to how I want to document life in 2015 & my stories and what I want that marriage to look like, totally shaking things up and trying something new.

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. ckcollins15 says…

    I walked our quarter-mile lane in the rain to get my kit from the mailbox. But more than the kit, I love that it's a new class every month, and the inspiration I feel. This weekend we could have sat around, enjoying the calm before Christmas traveling chaos, but instead, we took the kids to Broadway's traveling Beauty and the Beast. My push for taking them- it's the FIRST time they've ever seen a production like this (they're 7 & 4). They, of course, loved it, and hopefully it's the first of many shows we can take them to.

    Reply 0 Replies
  5. chiswickmum says…

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the work and thought you have put into both these Story Stamps and the December Daily pages. I am really enjoying making my own DD album mostly because I can flip through yours and quickly get artistic ideas. You are absolutely working like a Trojan - thank you. Hope you enjoy the rest with your parents. Happy Christmas!

    Reply 0 Replies
  6. Tanderson says…

    I was beyond happy to see that you are offering the Story Kit digitally too! Thank you for branching out to us digital story keepers as well :D

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  7. pmmessner says…

    thrilled with the story kit (& the stamp kits thus far)... loving the idea of "story sparks" & focusing on THE story being told! you have done it again ali!
    thank you!

    Reply 0 Replies
  8. Senovia says…

    Those are great kits but I am completely digital. I'd love to see a quick video (or pictures-I'm not picky) of what is included with the digital kit. The description lists more than digital versions of the stamp set. :)

    Reply 2 Replies
    1. YolandaL says…

      I'm strictly digital also. The fourth image on this post shows the contents of the digital kit. It's also shown on the product page.

    2. Senovia says…

      I see now. Thank you.

  9. carpecakem says…

    I love the first kit that I purchased, but I wish that there was a non subscriber option that kits could be purchased after the reveal. Please consider this option at some point in the future. Thanks!

    Reply 0 Replies
  10. MichelleWedertz says…

    I just got my kit in the mail yesterday and it is AWESOME. Seriously, the thought that went into the products is obvious. The best part though, is the class content. I never fail to be inspired by anything you do. Thanks so much.

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Thank you!

  11. carlatte7 says…

    Just got my FIRST kit today and all I can say is thank you for your vision, making it easy to get the stories out of my head and into my scrapbooks! I am in love with that striped envelope- straight to the december Daily box for next year! Wow!

    Reply 0 Replies

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