Week In The Life™ 2016 | Thursday In Album

Happy weekend! 

I'm hoping that sharing these days individually are helpful as you bring your own words and photos together into your own album. I follow the same structure from day to day which makes it super simple to get done (well at least it limits some of the choices I have to make along the way). 

Here's a look at Thursday from my 2016 Week In The Life™ album:

I made sure to get some photos of the cats during the week. They are inside and outside and have ridiculous personalities. Thankful for both of them. 

My goal this year, by picking a week that my kids were gone 1/2 of the time, was to document more of the "whole" of my life. I didn't record every single detail, but I feel pretty decent about what I did document. 

Added a photo to the back of the journaling page to cover up the blank space. Used a circle punch to punch out the "awesome memory" messy circle from one of the journal cards. 

Words written directly on the photos of cats in the office. When I'm picking photos to include in the album (I don't include every single picture) I often look for themes or similarities or images I can bring together that tells a story within the story of the week. 

I added the "6" here as a nod to our 6pm girl's night gathering. 

Hope you have an awesome weekend and a chance to work on your album if that's your wish!


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10 thoughts

  1. jjanie says…

    Thanks so much for sharing. I love love love this week. I am feeling motivated to get mine done.

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  2. mtercha says…

    I love my time stamp! I'm only on Tuesday but I love that I occasionally wrote down specific times and am using the time stamp here and there. Anyway, looks great! Thank you. Michelle t

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  3. sarajeanne12 says…

    I love that you share each day for us. It helps me to visualize what my album will look like. The pressure is taken away when I can just follow your formula and make it work for me. Less decisions = more getting done! Thanks for that!
    I was also wondering if you knew where you got the wooden boxes that you keep your phrase stickers from the kits in? I've been looking for something like that to keep them all handy but I haven't found anything that is the right size. Thanks!

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    1. PoochPatrol says…

      I believe Ali had said they are from Ikea. They are called Dragan boxes. Found in bathroom storage/organization category. Correct me if I'm Ali. :)

    2. sarajeanne12 says…

      Thank you!

  4. gina200 says…

    Thank you Ali! It is very helpful and I look forward to seeing each day.

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  5. KProffitt says…

    Another great day! Love the way it's coming together! LOVE this project SO much! XO!

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  6. lisabarnes67_yahoo_com says…

    Ali, what cardstock are you using for your WITL album journalling?

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  7. Kristin_A_ says…

    Hi Ali, Thanks for sharing your finished pages with us. I really like how you are keeping your journaling out of page protectors and look forward to trying that in my album as well. I tend to have lots of journaling and will appreciate saving on page protectors. Is there an adhesive you find that works better than others for that? I tried spray-on adhesive for a similar use years ago and wasn't happy with the result. Thanks!

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