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Wellness Journey | What I'm Wearing

As I've shared more about my wellness journey via the Instastories over on Instagram (@ae_fit) I've gotten some questions about what I'm wearing. 

I'm in week four of what I'm calling my "new" life. I was really ready for a change and I'm loving making time for daily exercise and significantly more healthy-eating. As you might imagine, I'm just at the beginning of this journey. I lived a lot of my growing up years as an athlete (competitive swimming into college) and then have not had a consistent exercise routine since then. I've had fits and starts and done a couple of sprint triathlons a few years ago (2010, 2011, 2012), but I've never simply made it a consistent part of my life. That's my goal right now - for it to just be what I do. 

You can read more about my initial wellness journey thoughts from a previous blog post here.

Right now what I'm loving to wear while walking, doing yoga or going to a Barre3 class includes yoga pants/shorts + a bra top + a tank top + a jacket (lighter in the summer and heavier in the winter). Most of the things I have now have been picked up at TargetAthleta (one of my favorites), GapFit, and TitleNine.

Here are some of the things I've recently picked up and am loving right now: 

(1) Stronger Hoodie from Athleta // I love this jacket. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It's long and thick (will be great for both fall and winter here).

(2) Salutation Short from Athleta // These have been great for summer especially in the hot studios. I was worried that they might be too short but they are just right and I have fairly long legs. 

(3) Fully Focused Bra from Athleta // This is my recent favorite - love the back and it's just enough support for me for yoga and Barre3. I ordered another one in a different color because it fit well.

(4) gFast Performance Cotton ColorblockLeggings from GapFit // These mid-weight yoga pants have been great. Love the color blocking. 

(5) Essence Tie Back Tank from Athleta // This one is on it's way to me. I like these kinds of tanks that can be tied if needed or can be a little more flowing. 

(6) Will Power Jacket from Title Nine // We have a Title Nine store in town here and I went in there on a whim the other day and came out with this jacket which I love. This is a great lighter weight jacket - it feels like a vest with sleeves. And I love vests.  

The only other thing I'm totally into right now are flip flops - these ones from Sanuk are the ones I wear everyday. I had a previous pair that I totally wore out and picked up new ones at the beginning of this summer and my feet love them. I'm also totally wondering why I have any other shoes for the summer. Actually I love my running/walking shoes from Brooks (Adrenaline GTS).

We can do this together! Keep making one healthy choice at a time. 

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4 thoughts

  1. Glynda says…

    I also love Athleta. The lilac color is beautiful. Have been on my own journey to be healthier that started late spring/early summer. My summer motto has been 5k, 5x a week. It's been tough, but not as tough as not eating whatever I want. Ugh! We got this!

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  2. deniseweatherby says…

    Not that you were asking for any suggestions, but Victoria Secret has a GREAT athletic line!! Their sports bras are super pretty, comfortable and just plain awesome! I love all of their stuff, and right now they have several items in the clearance bin on-line. I know it's kind of weird, but I seriously recommend them to everyone.

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  3. my3js says…

    I have been ordering from Athleta for a few years now. Love their clothes! This year I discovered shorts and shorts with side pockets that fit an iPhone 7 Plus, without adding bulk! They are amazing! Last winter I also purchased leggings with the side pockets. Traveling “light” (without a purse) is so freeing!

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