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One Little Word® 2019 | Product Preview + Workshop Registration

Today I'm excited to let you know that the Order Selection Period for One Little Word® products and registration for the 2019 One Little Word® Workshop will begin tomorrow, Wednesday, November 28th at 9am Pacific. Links will be active after that time. Today's post is a preview of what you'll find available tomorrow. 

One Little Word® custom products are now available. In addition to acrylic words and necklaces (including a new style that allows you to add multiple word charms to a chain) we are also offering custom digital words. You can order a custom digital word here

For our main shop collection this year we are trying something new and using a box-ordering system/Order Selection Period along the lines of what we used this year for  December Daily®. The Order Selection Period will open tomorrow (Wednesday, November 28th at 9am Pacific) and will close on December 14th with shipping to begin the week after. Shipping this year will happen just about a week later than last year. We are aware of the challenges for many of our international customers and will be getting these products on their way to you as soon as we can. 

New to One Little Word®? Here's a video description: 

For those of you who might be new to the idea of an Order Selection Period, here's a look at what you will find in the shop tomorrow: 

One Little Word® products will be broken down into three categories during this Order Selection Period. Each category will have their own tab across the top of your browser window: My Box, Albums + Kit, Stamps + Embellishments, and Paper + Lifestyle. 

  • My Box: This is where your products will appear after you have checked out using the box in the top right.
  • Albums + Kit: Includes albums, kit, and transparencies. 
  • Stamps + Embellishments: Includes chipboard, stamps, stickers, rubber, etc. 
  • Paper + Lifestyle: Monthly Journal, prompt pages, calendar, t-shirt, decals, paper pads, etc. 
  • Checkout: Once you have added any items to your box a fifth tab will appear in red. You can click this to checkout or use the red button under your box in the top right corner. You will also be able to check out via the red box icon on the top right corner.

You will be able to click on any product image and will be taken to a product page that includes a description and additional product details. You will also be able to add to your box from the main shopping page or from the individual product page.

The above screen shot shows where your "OLW cart" is located while you are shopping the One Little Word® products. You will not be able to add products from my regular shop to this cart - it is a completely separate cart for One Little Word® during the Order Selection Period. After the Order Selection Period ends the products will move into the regular shop and regular shop shipping rates will apply. 

You can adjust the amount of the item you want to order or remove the item from your box (only before checking out) in this area. Please make sure to double-check your quantities before checking out. 
Once you have clicked "checkout" and gone through that process your products will then appear under the "My Box" tab.

Above is a screenshot of the checkout page for desktop users. With our simplified shipping this year (flat rate $5 for domestic and $15 international) you will be charged this flat fee the first time you check out. After that it will note "PAID" in green for "Box Bundle Shipping" on any future checkouts.


  • The Order Selection Period for One Little Word® will begin on Wednesday, November 28th at 9am Pacific end on December 14th, 2018. After the Order Selection Period closes we will box up your order and ship it to you in mid December.
  • Once you have checked out you CAN NOT remove products from your box or edit your order. Customer Service will not be able to make adjustments to your order after you have checked out. Please verify the numbers of product placed beforechecking out - you will be able to see an adjust the quantity of an item before you check out via the box icon on the top right of your page.
  • The project will always be more important than the products. 
  • The Box Shipping rates will be as follows: $5 Domestic Flat Rate and $15 International Flat Rate. This will be charged on your first "checkout" and that will be the only time you are charged shipping. After that if you checkout again under "Box Bundle Shipping" it will say "PAID." 
  • Custom acrylic words and necklaces are not part of the Order Selection Period and ship separately. 

Questions on all this? Some of you are veterans of this process and for others this might be completely new. Please let me know in the comments below if you have questions. 

Now let's move on to what we have available for you this year!


A few years ago we offered a small One Little Word® Journal with some additional suggestions of ways to connect with your word. This year we invited our friend  Liz Tamanaha of Paislee Press to design a One Little Word® Monthly Journal using a collection of my ideas from past One Little Word® projects. 

I totally love how this came together. Each month includes a calendar spread, a section for monthly goals/reflections, and then a prompt or two that is different from what we will be doing in the workshop. This journal can work on it's own or it can be a lovely companion to the work you are doing to connect with your word via the online workshop. My hope is that this journal can be a way to deepen your experience with your word and should be an awesome addition for those of you who are looking for more when it comes to connecting with your word. 

Here's a video overview of the new One Little Word® Monthly Journal


As in past years we are offering a One Little Word® Main Kit to help you make your word visible throughout the year. I will be using these products throughout the year in my album for the One Little Word® workshop

Here's a look at what's included in the Main Kit for 2019: 

In addition to the Main Kit we are also offering 3 album options, transparency dividers in both 6x8 and 3x8 sizes, and prompt pages in both the 6x8 and 3x8 sizes. 

2, 6x8 albums with 2.5 inch spines and 1, 3x8 linen album with a One Little Word® pattern on the inside.

Transparencies include label stickers to customize the tabs. 

And here are the prompt page options in either 6x8 or 3x8: 

Each of the pages has either a grid pattern on the other side or a continuation of the prompt. 

Here's an overview video that takes a closer look at the albums,  Main Kit, transparencies, and prompt pages: 


From  stamps to chipboard bundles to notepads to an inspirational wall calendar, we've got you covered with products to help you make your word visible in 2019. In addition to the Main Kit, albums, transparencies, prompt pages, and the Monthly Journal shown above we've got a fun collection of other items you might want to use to help you tell the story of your word in the coming year. 

Here's a video overview of the rest of the products we are offering during the  One Little Word® release this year: 


Registration for my annual 12-month One Little Word® workshop will also open tomorrow, Wednesday, November 28th at 9am PacificRegister before December 31, 2017 to receive the early-bird price of $26 (after December 31st the price is $31).

The workshop will operate much like it has for the past eight years (started in 2011) - monthly creative prompts to encourage you to connect with your word via writing, photography, and collage. This year I'll be working in the 6x8 format. 

Past students have reported learning about celebrating progress rather than perfection, about the power of focusing on a single word and the impact that can have in your life, about how many little moments make up the patterns of our lives, about thinking of your future self as you make decisions today, about how your own journey is important, about how to step back into the story of your own life as an active participant, about learning what you most need from yourself, and about the power of coming back again and again to your original intentions as a means of reflection and forward movement.

In addition this year we are offering a gifting option if you would like to give the gift of this workshop. On the workshop shop page you'll find a link to "Gift This Class" under the orange "Add To Cart" button. After clicking through to purchase you will receive an email with a PDF that includes a one-time use code and link for your recipient to gain access to the classroom. Giving the gift of education is fun and meaningful and lasts all throughout the year.

As an enrollment bonus we will be including the One Little Word® Digital Main Kit + Prompt Pages with your workshop purchase ( details about the physical kit can be found above). Just a heads up that this digital kit includes PNG files, not PDF files. This kit will be available to you in the classroom before the end of December. 

Learn more and register here

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51 thoughts

  1. Ezeller14 says…

    Hello! Everything is super beautiful! Quick question regarding the journal - can you provide an estimate of the size of image place holders? i.e. head shot page or other pages. Thank you!

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  2. Sibille says…

    How many blank pages are at the end of the journal? I am wondering if I would be able to do the monthly prompt in it too, as I always use a notebook (rather than a binder) anyway and it would be nice to have everything together.

    Reply 0 Replies
  3. sonnyc123 says…

    Hi the paper 6x8 prompts did you mean that if we are enrolled we can get a digital download for those included in the class ? So we didn’t need to order a physical one ?

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. maryceleste801 says…

    Hi Ali,
    I did OLW last year and in the past. I've picked a word for years with you but have not always been able to take the class. I was thinking of taking the class and using your new journal as my main project this year instead of a scrapbook for a change. (I also have tons of supplies from way back.) What do you think? I was thinking of taking it everywhere with me for a different kind of perspective. I love scrapbooking so who knows how things might change. Just curious about your opinion. Also, if I don't buy the scrapbook kit now it will sell out. That's a dilemma too. Thanks for your help and for this great class. Mary Celeste

    Reply 0 Replies
  5. Mostover says…

    Hi Ali,
    I was wondering if the OLW supplies (like the transparencies and stamps) will be released as digital versions like they have been in the past? I usually purchase the digital version to save on space, but if there's no digital version I want to make sure I order the physical supplies.
    Thanks! :)

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