December Daily® 2018 | Days Twenty-Four And Twenty-Five

Welcome back to December Daily® 2018 Days 24 and 25. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. 

Today I'm sharing how I wrapped up my album. I love this project but I also love finishing this project and moving on to the next thing on my list (for me at this time of year that is One Little Word®). I'm also one of those people who often likes to take down our Christmas decorations as soon as possible. This year I want to just sit and read but it won't be long before I tackle the clean up. 

Before we dive into the end of my album I wanted to share what I ended up doing with the calendar at the front of my album: 

Rather than adding words (in fact I covered up some that I had on there in the beginning), I looked back though my month of photos and chose one for each day and cropped each one to 1/2 inch square and then adhered below the stamped date. The photos are tiny but definitely a fun way to see the month at a glance at the beginning of the album. 

Now let's take a look at my last two days: 

My Christmas Eve and Christmas Day stories/spreads are often simple. 

For Christmas Eve I printed a full page photo. On top of that I used a circle punch to punch out the sentiment from one of the journal cards in the Main Kit along with a puffy heart and gold foil numbers. 

The second page features the mixed-texture tree I created for Product Play 2 that was stitched onto a trasnparency and I added my words to the back: 

When I created my textured paper tree I saved the template I used and was able to use those pieces to hold my journaling for Christmas Eve. I did end up missing one of the pieces so I cut from the tag I had initially included in my foundation pages. Love how that turned out. 

For Christmas Day I printed a full page photo of my feet and presents. One of the things I love about this photo is it shows some of the tags that Aaron made - he loves playing with names and words and making puzzles out of them. 

On top of the photo I added a chipboard number, a chipboard phrase, and the grey stars - all from the 2018 Main Kit. 

For my Christmas Day journaling I used Photoshop to set up my photo and journaling together. On top I added the "Christmas memories" chipboard from the Be Merry + Celebrate Chipboard set. 

The full page "what I want to remember about this season" is a cut file from the December Daily® Product Play 2 workshop

I loved saving this "what I want to remember" journaling for the end of the project. It was a great way for me to think back over the month and identify 10 things I wanted to remember about this year. 

I finished up my album with one more 6x8 photo with the plastic "magic" on top along with a word/phrase sticker and chipboard. 


Here are a couple of other images of my finished project: 

On the spine of my album I used the gold foil numbers from the Main Kit. 

Here's to 25 days of stories from December 2018. I continue to be so thankful to this project for the way it helps me pay attention to my life as I'm living it. 

As always, thank you for being a part of this community. Here's to more storytelling in 2019!


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11 thoughts

  1. KProffitt says…

    Loved following along with you all month, Ali! Thank you for the countless inspiration! This is my third year doing December Daily and although mine is more like a December Stories album (I don't do a story a day, but instead just fill it with stories from the entire month here and there) - I have loved it each year and look forward to it. Almost done with mine and looking forward to documenting more in the New Year! Thanks for reminding us that our stories matter! <3

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  2. hgauvin says…

    Thanks for sharing your album pages each day. I'm finishing my album this week and am really loving the 3x8 size. Happy New Year to you and your family!

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  3. sim1 says…

    I am so grateful to you for this project. This is my sixth year and I ‘needed’ it more than ever. Thank you thank you!!!!!

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  4. jdj247 says…

    Thank you so much for this project ( i go thru the 26th, b/c it's my birthday). it has truly inspired me to keep going with this craft. the past few years i have not been as "scrappy" like back in the day. but every time DD season comes back, i get back into it and just love seeing what you come up with and your genius ways of telling stories. love also seeing others on youtube and how they approach this project. again thank you so much for all that you do and can't wait to see what comes up in 2019! happy new year!

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  5. Eminepala1 says…

    Amazing, loved every page, every detail and every video. Thank you for sharing dear Ali.... Hope you had the best Xmas ever and wishing you and your loved ones a really happy, healthy 2019...

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  6. Traceyrmr says…

    I adore that there is a garbage bag in your photo (I “think” that’s a hefty bag 🤔). We had the same! What’s Christmas Day without one!?

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  7. Maxpuppy says…

    I love how the textured tree looks! I have days 16-20 here:

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  8. lovingsue says…

    Thank you for inspiring us to document our December. Here's my completed album using what I have and some freebies here

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  9. Mpasquini12 says…

    Another great year Ali! I really enjoyed your album and my own process as well. ❤️

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  10. Aliemily1 says…

    Hi Ali Happy new year, I've only just started to construct my DD and because my daughter bought herself a cricut maker i've gone crazy this afternoon using your freebies and shes cut out your files for me. I cant wait to add them to my pages. thanks for your inspiration and your generosity.

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  11. felexlautner says…

    I read this article and i really find it interesting. Thanks for sharing such amazing stuff with us

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