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Add On Preview + ScrapSmarter Event

Looking for something fun to participate in this weekend? Check out the ScrapSmarter event that starts on Friday. I'll be giving a keynote talk on Friday evening where I talk about getting to your own "heart" in memory keeping processes.


There are just a couple more days to grab the Hope Story Kit™ before it is are archived. Next up: ACTION.

Subscriber Add On's for the upcoming Story Kit™/Story Stamp™ + Stories By The Month™ include a 4x6 acrylic 2021, plastic numbers with white borders, and fabric squares (with adhesive on the back). The ink color this time is Willamette. 

These will be available on January 13th at 9am Pacific. Add on options will also include any leftover add ons from this month + the digital kit.

Curious about our Story Kit subscription? Check out our free Firsts classroom to check out the education portion of your subscription. Details here

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4 thoughts

  1. ribosome13 says…

    I always see these previews on FB, but love that this was posted here too. Much easier to find again as the release date approaches. Thanks!

    Reply 2 Replies
    1. AliEdwards says…

      You are welcome! Planning to include them here (and on FB) going forward.

    2. cjflynn09 says…

      So happy the add-ons were posted to the blog as well! I am on a social media break and considering leaving FB all together so it is great to hear they will be posted on the blog moving forward. Thanks Ali!

  2. Eminepala1 says…

    YESSS, I Signed UP for the "Scrapsmarter Weekend".
    A gift to myself, Thanks Ali for your discount code.
    I don't know what to expect and all I got are your products to work with ;)
    Love your products though.

    First time I did something like this for ME. (A great story to tell in the FIRSTS class)...

    And start assembling my OLW 2021 Album. It will be midnight here day 1 but "Life is too precious. I choose to BE inspired, not tired ;) "

    Love and light to you all <3

    Reply 0 Replies