December Daily® 2020 | Completed Album Overview

As we move into  December Daily® season for 2021 Ali's sharing a full walkthrough of her completed 2020 album. 

You can also check out the archive of blog posts from all  Ali's past December Daily® projects here and specifically her foundation pages here. She'll be here on the blog again this year sharing her stories each day in December.  

Let's dive in: 

Check out our new 2021 December Daily® collection  here

Also, if you need inspiration for finishing up your own past December Daily® album you can follow the hashtag #donebydecember on Instagram as members of our Creative Team share how they are working on finishing up their December Daily® projects from past years. You are not alone if you have unfinished projects and we are here to help you get your stories told!

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5 thoughts

  1. starrsstripes says…

    Oh man, December mood, it is ON!

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      That's totally what I felt like when I was recording this!

  2. Elizabeth_Heinz says…

    This got me SUPER excited:)

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  3. Klimperklein says…

    I was so looking forward to this flip-through! Thank you for sharing, Ali.
    Also, I so wish you'd bring this album back. I loved that one so so much!

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  4. Jeannew says…

    Just love your album and all the creative ways you included stories! I’m going to flip through my album from last year now. I know I adapted some of the pages you created to my style and products and it will be fun to see them.

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