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My December Daily® Reason Why

Hi Friends! This is Lisa. As December quickly approaches and the excitement for December Daily® builds, we invite you to share your December Daily® reason why. For more than a decade, Ali has been participating in this project and each year she begins the month by setting her intentions. Your reason why is a statement that encapsulates your reason for showing up each year, for doing the work, for capturing the good, the bad, and everything in between. It's your reason for documenting these stories. We'd love to know your reason why.

Ali says, "My reason for embarking on this project year after year is because it helps me create, locate and capture joy during December, even when things feel hard." To help you share your own reason why, Ali has created a digital package that includes the "reason why" word art, as well as templates for both a 6 in x 8 in page and a 10 in x 8 in page to include in your album. In addition, we're including the art for the hashtag: #myddreasonwhy and a social square formatted as a home for your text. If you feel comfortable, we'd love to see your reason on social media and share it on our accounts. If you do share, please use the hashtag and tag our @decemberdaily Instagram account.

As a special treat, and in celebration of sharing our intentions and excitement around this project, Ali is sharing a sneak of her 2021 reason why page. 

She created this beautiful page with our Canvas Stitched Envelops, the Fabric Holiday Patches, and the Holiday Phrases 4x6 Stamp Set. We love the gorgeous texture and interactive aspect of this spread! Shop the entire 2021 December Daily® collection here

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10 thoughts

  1. AmandaRietdyk says…

    This is only my second year, but I'm still feeling my reason from last year. Find the Magic. It helped me through a very transitional Christmas as we were locked down away from our family.

    But I'm also wanting to focus on the joy's of this year and all the little things that I'm getting to experience this year now that (fingers crossed) we won't be locked down.

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  2. Meltex says…

    I love that green and white striped ribbon!! Where did you find it?

    Reply 3 Replies
    1. Bellaa75 says…

      I’d love to know that too!

    2. AliEdwards says…

      Hi! I got that from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2ZrwYSr

    3. Meltex says…

      It was sold out on Amazon. I found by the yard in a few shops on Etsy!

  3. rebahervas says…

    In case anyone is looking the green ribbon is back in stock on Amazon. They also have a red.

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  4. tuna13 says…

    I have done reasons why maybe twice (been doing DD since 2008)...for me the reason doesn't change. :) but I love every page and reasons why people do them.

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  5. jeffreestar says…

    This project truly allows for personal expression and reflection, making each album unique and meaningful https://thatsnotmyneighbor.org/

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  6. SuzanHomewodd says…

    Starting December by setting goals is a great idea! It helps you realize how much you get done in such a short period of time https://igrofresh.com

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  7. dora216 says…

    This project lets you express yourself and reflect, making each album special and meaningful. https://bloxstrap.dev/

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