Storytelling With The Rainbow Scrapbook Kit | No. 4

Welcome back to another idea post for the Rainbow Scrapbook Kit

Today's project is a simple one-page layout that tells a short story about a recent Mexico trip and incorporates the fun plastic rainbow pieces from the kit on a clear plastic flip up. 

Let's dive in: 

Here are some additional images of this project: 

Today's layout is built on a piece of white cardstock (cut to 7 inches x 8.25 inches). I set up my journaling in Photoshop and then printed that out here at home as a foundation for my photo collage. 

My photo collage is about 5.5 inches x 5 inches. I printed it on an 8.5x11 sheet of photo paper and left a white border when cutting it out. I cut a piece of Grafix Transparency to the same size as my photo collage with the border. 

To create the flip up I used a couple sticker tabs (these were part of a past One Little Word® Mini Kit) folded over and then stapled to the cardstock. 

On top of the transparency I stapled the four pieces of the plastic rainbow I had remaining from the kit (I used the smallest one on yesterday's project). I used a Tiny Attacher to staple each piece along the bottom. 

I had a couple pieces of ephemera from the concert that I considered incorporating and was super excited to find that the fabric braclet fit perfectly between the smallest part of the rainbow. I adhered that with red line tape. 

Here's a look at it flipped up: 

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5 thoughts

  1. kathleen says…

    Thank you, Ali!!! I can't express how awesome it's been to wake up every morning this week with an Ali video waiting for me!!!My head is spinning (in a good way;) from all the inspiration!

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  2. cemmons says…

    I love how you went into more detail on the simpler things, printing on your foundation paper, using the transparency, etc. It helps me a great deal. Sometimes its hard for me to see pass the obvious... thank you for sharing.

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  3. jarahbe32 says…

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  4. wunschtaria says…

    I appreciate that you elaborated on the little details, like printing on your foundation paper and making use of a transparency. It's been quite useful to me. Thank you for helping me get over the obviousness of it all.

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