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Welcome back to another December Daily® 2023 post! 

This year I'm sharing my foundation pages a bit differently than I have in the past by breaking up it up into a few posts vs. one big post. 

So far I've shared the following: 

In this post I'l be sharing two foundation page ideas and then I'll be back with another post soon sharing a few more ideas along with a look at all the things I've pulled out that I think I'd like to play around with in December. In that post I'll share images of what I'm planning and the general flow of my album at this point. What feels the most fun for me this year is to keep things a little more loose heading into December which will give me more creative freedom going into the month (which is similar to how I approached it last year). 

Check out the video below for some foundation page thoughts + a flip through of some of the things I've got in my album so far along with step by steps for today's page ideas: 


As I was looking at what I might want to do as a foundation for my first story I couldn't help looking at the back of my Reason Why/Intro page and the circle trail. I decided to create a mirror image of the 1/2 circle and the large wreath (from the Main Kit). I used the Noel 1/2 circle from the Die Cut Page Insert pack + one of the wreaths + a pattern paper from last year from my stash + the awesome dark green chipboard phrase from the Main Kit + an embossed number 1 on the pattern paper. I also added a chipboard star from the Sticker Advent Calendar. 

Here's a look at the back: 

Knowing that I would see the back of the wreath when I add my words + photo(s) I went ahead and used a dotted stencil and gold embossing powder

On the first of December - when it comes time to tell a story - I'll likely add journaling onto a 3.5 inch circle and add a 1/2 circle photo and call it good (or a 3 inch circle photo and longer journaling). This is what I love about foundation pages - I get to do some of the work in advance and then focus on the words/photos in December. 

In this case I even hand wrote on the backs to help me remember what my initial intentions were (even if I change it up a bit on December 1st).


The second page foundation page I put together features the chipboard frames

I love a good grid set up and arranging six of these together is a great way to create some homes for words, photos and/or embellishments. 

I laid these all out upside down and used scotch tape to temporarily adhere them before running them through my sewing machine and added a zigzag stitch with a fun green thread. 

Along the left edge I added a plastic page attacher (you could also use the attacher stickers for this or simply adhere the group onto a piece of transparency and punch holes in order to add it to your album). Along the outside edge I adhered dark green pom trim with red line tape. 

Right now I've got the "people, places, + things" card from the Main Kit inside one of the frames and I might use that as the jumping off point for my story. It would be wonderfully simple to add a combination of words + photos right behind each frame. 

Have you started playing yet? 

Don't forget that our Product Play workshop starts next week that includes 30 days of ideas for using items from our December Daily® collection this year. 


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9 thoughts

  1. CraftyCat says…

    Love this Ali. So much gratitude for ideas. Looking forward to the rest of DD 2023!

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  2. Tab1115 says…

    Did I miss why the number 23 was in the Reason Why page? Will this page become day 23?

    Reply 3 Replies
    1. msjoy says…

      Maybe short for 2023?

    2. AliEdwards says…

      Yep! Just short for 2023

    3. Tab1115 says…

      Ahhh!! Now I feel like an idiot! LOL!!

  3. RhondaN says…

    Loving everything you are doing and sharing this year!
    I love the stitching you did on the frames and they would be a great spot for one frame holding a photo of you and Aaron and the othes holding photos of your family or pets.
    Looking forward to this special time of memory keeping!

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. Marjorie30 says…

    Won't you regret not having painted the back of the frames, Ali? Just a thought.

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      I’ll probably cover the entire back with a photo, cardstock or pattern paper. It will become the base for the next story.

  5. ahiggins83 says…

    Love this start!! Thank you for sharing!!

    Reply 0 Replies