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Welcome back to our Little Moments Story Play series

Don't forget to join me for our live community zoom tomorrow (November 17th) at 10am Pacific. You can find the link details in this post. If you can't make it to the live call it will be recorded and shared on the blog after the call is complete. If you have specific questions you'd like addressed in the call please leave them in the comment section below. 

In the first post in this series I wrote about how elevating a little moment happens when we choose to document it. Today I want to encourage you to look for an opportunity to go big with a little moment. 

Going big with a little moment can mean a couple things: 

  1. Literally enlarging a "little moment" photo to be bigger (such as a full page photo). The other projects I've shared this week have focused on bringing images of little moments together to tell a story. Today I want to invite you to go big with one little moment photo.
  2. In addition to going physically bigger with your photo (or title or journaling) you are invited to go deeper to see how many stories you can actually pull from that one little moment. In my example below I took a photo of the moment when I'm letting Betty back into the house after she had gone out into the backyard. From that one photo I pulled six micro stories that reflect pieces of life right now. Another option would be to take your "little moment" photo and tell a much longer story about one piece of the photo (something you see, something you feel, something you remember, something you are reminded of as you look at the photo). 


Look through your photo archives (or take a new photo) for a "little moment" style of photo. Print that photo to a full size page (whatever size you want) and then pair it with either a longer story or a series of short stories that are pulled from your photo. This is a fun exercise that helps to excavate more of the stories and teach you that little moments often have layers of stories (also check out this blog post from our Facts + Feelings week that focused on the concept of photos having layers of stories). 

Let's see what that looks like in practice:

Here are images of my project: 

In keeping with my simple theme in this series for this project I paired a full page photo with a full page of pattern paper. On top of my photo I added three of the chipboard circles in a vertical trail down the middle and I created custom journaling blocks that feature six details pulled from this "little moment" photo. 

My journaling blocks were 1.5 inches x 3 inches and adhered with foam adhesive squares that lifts them up a bit off the back of the page. I loved looking at my "little moment" photo and pulling out this variety of stories reflective of my life right now. 


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  1. kbledsoe says…

    Love this so much, amazing how this one photo connected to six little stories that document life right now.

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