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December Daily® 2023 | Clean Up

I took some time over the last few days to clean up my table after a couple months of December Daily® fun. I love getting it all out at the beginning of the season and then I love putting it all away! In this post and video I'm sharing a look at my clean up and organization process as I ready my space for 2024. 

Here's the video: 


1. Do I really love this + think I could use it in the future? We are to the point now where there's no way I can use all the items we produce for December Daily® each year. Our goal is to offer a collection of items that can work for a variety of different memory keeping styles so there's always some pieces that find their way to the bottom of my pile. When I'm going through all the items leftover at the end of the season the main question I ask myself is do I see myself using this item in the future. Sometimes it's a strong yes (I'm looking at you Kraft pockets from the Main Kit this year) and other times it's an easy no. The things I want to keep get stored and the things I want to share go into my "to share" box. 

2. Would someone else love having this more? Just nice to think about and then act on when I feel this way. 

3. Can this item work in a different project? Some of the items we offer for December Daily® can be used in other projects throughout the year. As I'm organizing items I keep this in mind and flow those items into my regular organization system (most often by shape). 

I love, love, love reaching this point in the year where I feel ready + excited to move on! 

Thanks again for being part of this community!


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  1. tb8282 says…

    Love love, love! Thanks for the look into the cleanup. It motivated me to get my table organized and get set up for 2024.

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