Project Life® 2024 | Week 05

Welcome back to my  Project Life® series for 2024

For Week 05 I decided to play around with a words + photos only spread. I've been having fun mixing things up so far this year (last week was mostly handwritten journaling + bigger words) and giving myself a design focus some weeks or some other lens through which to tell the story of my week. 

One of the things I noticed as I was documenting this past week (remember one of my goals is to work on this during the week vs. leaving it to do all at once after the week is over) was that the morning was often an easy time for me to capture a story - especially on the weekdays. In some ways it turned into a week of mornings and I love it. Is there a specific lens you could use in your project this week? It might be a storytelling lens (such as mornings) or a design lens (such as photos with words on top or using a specific style of embellishment like speech bubbles) or a color lens or a kit lens, etc. 

Let's dive in to this week's video: 

Here's a look at the spread: 

This week I included one 6 inch x 8 inch insert to hold a card from the February Stories By The Month™ Kit and three additional photos. 

I used the font Secretary Typewriter to add some words to each one of my photos before printing them out using an Epson PictureMate PM400. On photos where it was too hard to read either white or black text I added a white box behind the text. 

Really love seeing these slices of life from last week all together in this way. 

Here's a look at the spread without the insert: 

Have you tried a words + photos only week? It's a fun way to take a break from the crafty part if you are looking to mix things up! 


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9 thoughts

  1. jorgybones says…

    I would gladly BUY the weekly cards, as I don't have time to make them. Please consider adding them to the store.

    Reply 2 Replies
    1. dawnmi says…

      I would be willing to buy them too.

    2. SheleeLong01 says…

      They were a free download on her week one post at the beginning of January

  2. dawnmi says…

    So fun!! I love the idea of photos and words only.

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  3. ahiggins83 says…

    Love the simplicity of the words and photos!

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. BMLundgren says…

    This is my first year trying out weekly scrapbook layouts! Thank you for the inspiration! Man, I am loving all the little stories of our days!

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  5. cabonebr says…

    Ali, love your week of words on photos - so meaningful, so visual and so inspiring! And just so appreciating your videos on the blog to inspire me with different ideas on how to help make this project doable and mine. This year I also found myself wanting to do the project again especially with all the fun new papers in Stories by the Month subscription. Your sharing is spot on and really fun!

    Reply 0 Replies
  6. dpowersfabian says…

    Doesn't it feel different doing it the current week? I have always done it this way...probably out of fear I'd get behind and not finish or lose the freshness of the memories...then it just became HABIT!

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  7. mymalloryboys says…

    I am loving the variety each week! Your PL blog posts are a special gift to unwrap. It’s so fun seeing which direction you chose.

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