Project Life® 2017 | Week Ten

For Week Ten in my Project Life® album I decided to go with photos-only + one gratitude card

I love the idea of mixing in some photo-only weeks throughout my Project Life® albums. Sometimes it's just nice to not have to add more words. Obviously you guys know I am a fan of getting more stories told overall but in a project like this it's nice to have a catch-up week that just includes photos. Put this idea in your tool box for a time when you just want to get it done and move on to the next week. Remember that it doesn't make it any less of a week in the grand scheme of documenting - it's the album as a whole that tells the best story. 

Here's a look at Week Ten: 

This week I included a drawing booklet that Audrey created for Anna and her friend Scout during a playdate. 

Along the outside edge of the 8.5x11 page protector I added an Avery Index Tab and used the Day Of The Week Roller Stamp to add the word "remember."

The "week 10" title card is from the Project 52 Fresh Core Kit and I've been adding these in every couple of weeks throughout this year so far. 

On each of the photos I added a word/phrase sticker from the Week In The Life™ Phrase Sticker Bundle. These are back in stock! 

When looking at my photo archives to decide what photos to add for this week I went for a variety of close up and far away. I wanted a little bit of everything from life this week - food, flowers, work, faces, something with writing on it, home stuff and activities. 

Anna had a group birthday party again this year with some of her school friends (her birthday was back in February but this is when it worked for everyone). Love spreading out the celebration. They had a craft party where they made floral initials using silk flowers and large initials. 

Remember that this project is what you make it. You got this. So totally worth it. 



Check out my Storytelling With Project Life® workshop that is now available as a self-paced workshop. Topics include: 

  • Lesson One | A look back at many of my past Project Life® albums (2010-2015) with individual video walk-throughs. The take-away from this lesson is the opportunity to learn from the past and reflect on what's worked and what's not worked to create a plan for right now.
  • Lesson Two | Process exploration. Setting expectations, creating a plan for yourself (key word here being "YOU") and setting yourself up for success by establishing a storytelling mindset. This content will be specific to telling stories in Project Life®.  
  • Lesson Three | Specific storytelling ideas, encouragement, and inspiration to spark stories.  
  • Lesson Four | Working with products in Project Life®.

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4 thoughts

  1. SusanBowers says…

    Any chance that phrase sticker bundle will be offered as digital?

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    1. northcarmen says…

      Oooh, yes!! That would be great!

  2. carriek333 says…

    Love seeing your progress! This is more of a general question about your memory keeping as it relates to my family - I have a 13 yo daughter and 15 yo son. I spend a LOT of time with my daughter because she's in theater and needs to be driven around a lot. My son has less activities but also takes public transportation with his friends or does more after school on his own. Because of this I have a LOT of pics of my daughter. I do screenshot their snapchat stories (both of them) to get some of each of their stories of life when I'm not around, but those don't include many actual photos of my son. Long story longer, do you feel the same way about Anna and Simon?

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  3. pratikverma says…
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