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Project Life® 2018 | Week Seven

Took some time this past weekend to get a few more stories into my Project Life® 2018 album. I've been pretty good keeping up with printing the photos it's just beena matter finding time to add in the words and the extra stuff. No stress. No worries. Making time when I have time. 

Still loving this project as the main record of daily life right now. 

For this spread I mainly used a bunch things that were included in the February 2018 Stories By The Month™ (digital version of that kit is available here). 

Here's a closer look: 

One thing I did in this spread was intentionally go with more pink. I started with the pattern card for the date card and then used that as the jumping off point for my journal cards. Rather than add handwriting onto journal cards this time I just created journal cards in Photoshop with a pink background + white and red text. I also added a few little yellow star stickers to link those pink cards together. 

Color is another simple way to create a unified spread even when you are working with photos that include lots of photos. 

I used a POSCA Paint Pen to write on the photo of Simon at the Doctor's office and to draw boxes around the red word/phrase stickers. 

Label sticker + pattern 4x6 card = easiest way to make a date/title. 

I love looking for opportunities to include "white space" in my photos that I can then use to hold words. The folded "love" card was from Aaron's Valentine's gift to me. 

Kept it simple by just adding red word/phrase stickers to most of the photos and then repeated the handwriting on another 3x4 photo - this time with a black pen for contrast. 

Here's a quick video overview of my process for this week: 


You can see all my past Project Life® blog posts here. For more information about my overall process make sure to check out my self-paced Storytelling With Project Life® workshop

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6 thoughts

  1. emilylyc says…

    that Ben Folds song is one of my very favorites! Love the idea of song lyrics for cards- I need to do that!

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  2. KathyDavis says…

    Love the journal cards ~ would love a template that we could re-color of that!! Thank you for your inspiration ;)

    Reply 0 Replies
  3. sparkle says…

    Love the pink!

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. mtercha says…

    This is really beautiful. I like the affirmation on the photo of you doing yoga. We don't do that enough, and it's important. Michelle t

    Reply 0 Replies
  5. abbypimentel says…

    I'm a little confused...with regard to this spread you mention, "For this spread I mainly used a bunch things that were included in the February 2018 Stories By The Month™ (digital version of that kit is available here)." I purchased the February digital version of that kit, but they aren't the same. For example, that awesome white card with the multi-colored crosses on it isn't in the digital kit. Am I missing something? Maybe that particular card is from another kit??

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      That card is from the Change Story Kit™.

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