1. The Weekend Lens From The Click Retreat

    The Weekend Lens From The Click Retreat

    I spent the greater part of last week in the Outer Banks with a wonderful group of women at the Click Blogger Retreat. This event was hosted by Today's Mama and sponsored by Southwest Airlines, HP, Snapfish, Sony, Avery, National Geographic Kids, KIND, The Outer Banks Visitors Bureau, Carolina Designs Reality, SAGA Constructi... Read More

  2. The Weekend Lens And The Photos I Didn't Take

    The Weekend Lens And The Photos I Didn't Take

    Pretty quiet weekend with the kids here at home.Actually very quiet when you consider that we had a no screen-time weekend. NONE. No movies. No TV. No computer time. No ipad. No iphone. It all started as a consequence for a behavior issue Simon had at school on Friday (and the established consequence in advance was the remova... Read More

  3. The Weekend Lens

    The Weekend Lens

    The kids and I headed over to the coast on Friday afternoon to spend a couple of days at the beach for the beginning of their spring break. They are actually hanging out there for a few days more while the new office floors are installed.All photos taken with my iphone and most were edited using RadLab (pretty much my new fav... Read More

  4. The Weekend Lens

    The Weekend Lens

    SATURDAY | Out in the yard in the morning. Anna worked on a Kiwi Crate box. Simon read and walked around the yard playing out Indiana Jones scenes. He re-filled the bird feeder. I picked up the dog poop and started weeding my vegetable beds and dreaming up stuff to plant. Nachos for lunch. Rode bikes and checked out a new ... Read More

  5. The Weekend Lens

    The Weekend Lens

    Here are some scenes from a weekend getaway to Palm Springs with my sister and a gathering of her East and West coast friends.I love my sister. She's one of the most kind, intelligent, loving and considerate people I know. And we really don't get to see each other enough. We try to get together at least a couple times a year ... Read More

  6. The Weekend Lens

    The Weekend Lens

    Introducing. Sharing. Listening. Laughing. Cracking crab. Drinking wine. Cheering as the Beavers go 2-0. Taking pictures. Walking. Hitting balls. Holding hands. Savoring.Enjoying whatever it is right now.Sweet magic. Read More

  7. The Weekend Lens

    The Weekend Lens

    FRIDAY NIGHT | Dinner at a farm that's been in a family for over 170 years.SATURDAY NIGHT | A trial run of watching a movie out in our backyard (part of my summer manifesto). Of course we started with The Princess Bride. We've got a few people coming over tonight for a little get-together and most likely the move we're showin... Read More

  8. The Weekend Lens

    The Weekend Lens

    A date with an old friend to a local winery on Friday.Some work in the yard.A run through the sprinkler with my best girl.More yard work (this time with a helper).Sunday hot-dog dinner with friends (with costumes + sidewalk chalk of course).Not pictured above: lots of Indiana Jones (Simon in costume most of the weekend even t... Read More

  9. The "Long" Weekend Lens

    The "Long" Weekend Lens

    Things I know to be true:The swing at Grandma & Grandpa's is the best.Oh yes.The kids love swinging and I'm actually pretty sure my parents really love pushing them too. The mutual joy there is a favorite thing.Simon loves, loves, loves being at the beach. And if there are smores available there, well, all the better.Thes... Read More

  10. The Weekend Lens

    The Weekend Lens

    11 AM | Arrive in Seattle. Find Paolo. Find Cathy. Head to Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge for lunch. We let Paolo order because that's one of his talents.1 PM | Head to B&O Espresso for dessert and coffee.3 PM | Back to the airport to meet up with Stacy, Kayce, Tracey and Mark. Head downtown to Pike Place Market and ... Read More

  11. The Weekend Lens

    The Weekend Lens

    This past weekend was a working-weekend for me.Liz and I met up in Portland to talk business - retreats, classes, and different ways we can encourage people to tell their stories.We met up with Kelly Rae for a bit of work mixed with fun and ended up out in Forest Grove at McMenamin's Grand Lodge for a vintage extravaganza cal... Read More

  12. The Weekend Lens

    The Weekend Lens

    A grading day + a furlough day (not a good time for schools around here right now) = a four-day weekend. For us that meant a Friday afternoon trip over to the coast to visit my parents. SATURDAYSaturday began with Anna doing a little reading in our bed. She was chattering right along.Before heading out there's usually at lea... Read More