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In between working on projects, still battling this ear infection/cold, getting ready for tonight's festivities, drinking coffee, etc, I cleared off the boards above my computer. I do this every so often and today seemed like a pretty good day to invite something new. I am also changing things up by adding some clipboards on the other wall next to my desk for project organization (inspired by Lotta Jansdotter's studio tour).

A fresh start. A new beginning.

I took everything down, put the things worth keeping in an inspiration notebook, and am now ready for new images, new words, new things to motivate + inspire + help me grow in 2008.

For me, in 2008, I am looking forward to getting to the heart of the matter - whatever that is. Clearing away excesses. Focusing on the most important things and not worrying about the rest. Taking a deep breath and beginning one foot in front of the other.

My word for 2008: vitality.

Vitality is the state of being strong and active; energy. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. Creatively.

Here's to moving forward. To fullness of life. To you and yours.

If you have decided on a word for the year I would love to read what it is - feel free to share in the comments.

Also: Loved this post over at Photojojo on Photo Resolutions. And I think this is the year I will do a 365 project.

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  1. Maria

    2008-01-05 02:19:19 -0500

    It's going to have to be OFF-ROAD. Yup. 2008 will be the year I go off-road. Truly.

  2. Michelle

    2008-01-05 02:22:51 -0500

    Ok...after making my list and reading all these posts (fantastic ideas and thoughts!) I've finally decided on the word for 2008: THRIVE. It embodies many of the other words that I had on my list and I think it totally represents how I want to 2008 to shine. I've had a tough couple of years, but in the last couple months it seems that a lot of good has been given to me and it's time to make the most of the blessings I've received. So I'm going to do my best to THRIVE in 2008 and make it my best year ever! And to start it off right, I'll be creating a small canvas that can hang in my craft area to inspire me each day. Thank you so much for the inspiration you give to so many of us. :)
    And thanks to you I joined Project365 and I'm loving it! I've got to create the journal for the photos and stories now...

  3. Alison

    2008-01-05 04:08:26 -0500

    My word for 2008 is NOW. I made a list a few days ago of things I want to do everyday- to make better use of my day. I seem to put things off...I have lots of ideas and things I want to do but I say to myself 'oh I'll do that later'. 2008 is all about NOW. I've been fighting cancer for the last year and half and NOW is the time to get serious about beating it! I am ready NOW to beat this thing!
    Heal NOW.
    Taking a walk NOW.
    Drinking that green drink NOW.
    Create NOW.
    Meditate NOW.
    Read, research, learn, understand NOW.

  4. ali

    2008-01-05 05:04:27 -0500

    Hi Ali ~ I have finally chosen a word for 2008. My word is: LIVE! I want to LIVE this year, LIVE in the moment, LIVE life to it's fullest! Have a great 2008 Ali!

  5. Tina B

    2008-01-05 07:09:04 -0500

    Ali, I love reading your blog and I have bought your book Life Artist and I have your poster hanging in my scrap room. I would have to say that the word I am going to use this year is CAPTURE. I want to capture everything this year and just enjoy and I am not talking about just with my camera but with everything. Thank you Ali for your blog

  6. sherrie

    2008-01-05 13:43:00 -0500


  7. detta owens

    2008-01-05 14:02:02 -0500

    After much thought and some flipping through a thesaurus, I have decided on the word "find." I started off with learn and discover but have finally settled on find. There are many things I will be looking for this year. I am hoping to find knowledge by reading more. I am hoping to find new skills by taking a photography class. I am hoping to find joy as I help my daughter plan her wedding and I am hoping to find peace with my life as it is and as it grows.

  8. Sara Berry

    2008-01-05 16:16:25 -0500

    I finally decided on my word: SAVOR. I really want to focus on savoring every moment--enjoying all the parts that I normally let fall away into non-memory. Watching and Looking at life with new eyes that notice the tiny bits of 'glue' that hold us all together. Thanks for your inspiration Ali.

  9. Sara Berry

    2008-01-05 16:16:31 -0500

    I finally decided on my word: SAVOR. I really want to focus on savoring every moment--enjoying all the parts that I normally let fall away into non-memory. Watching and Looking at life with new eyes that notice the tiny bits of 'glue' that hold us all together. Thanks for your inspiration Ali.

  10. Mary Elenberger

    2008-01-05 18:12:08 -0500

    My word is Half-full, as in "view the glass as half-full instead of half-empty". View things as "positive" (my word last year) instead of negative.
    I got "Life Artist" this afternoon. I am already on page 48 and making notes in my journal. I love this book and I love you for writing it. You are such an inspiration to me. Have a wonderful 2008!

  11. SmilynStef

    2008-01-06 04:54:49 -0500
  12. lacy

    2008-01-06 14:51:44 -0500

    have you decided how you will showcase your 365 picts? Will you do an album work in progress?

  13. lacy

    2008-01-06 14:57:27 -0500

    oh and PS. my word is Begin, my mom's is Replenish

  14. simone

    2008-01-07 07:24:32 -0500

    my word for 2008...Chillax!
    It works for life and scrappin', just chillax and go with the flow.

  15. Corinna Lyons-Revello

    2008-01-07 09:14:39 -0500

    My word is STRENGTH. I am going to concentrate on gaining that in my life where it is lacking. I wrote a blog post about it to start myself off if anybody is interested

  16. Michele from So. Cal.

    2008-01-07 09:21:42 -0500

    ok....just wanted to say that I LOVE LOTTA JANSDOTTER!!! just discovered her in my current issue of Mary Engelbreit's magazine. how funny! she's simply an inspiration.

  17. Bek Geach

    2008-01-07 11:17:39 -0500

    Ali.. my word for 2007 was CREATE, I did pretty well... I created life and our little man Joshua was born in September...
    I am a big believer of "naming" our dreams, of manifesting the life we dream of living...
    2008 my word is JOY - joy for all of my blessings, my life.

  18. Sonja

    2008-01-08 00:51:39 -0500

    Hi I want to join in - my word this year is Serve. Having just become a Christian this is going to be a hard lesson for me this year!

  19. Lisa

    2008-01-08 12:38:32 -0500

    I chose my word - Verve. I blogged about it even and made reference to your blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Michelle Evans

    2008-01-09 04:59:27 -0500

    Good morning Ali!
    I've never blogged before, so I'm a newbie. It fits right in with my word: New.
    I always try to remember today is a NEW day...whatever happened yesterday (kids were bad, etc.) is over and today is full of new possibilites.
    I love your books and have been duly inspired to try new things. Never done a "Challenge" but reading Life Artist got me to do "A week in my life", which I just finished photographing and journaling about. Stepped out of my comfort zone and did something new.
    Ahead on my horizon is another new possiblity: being a stay-at-home mom after almost 15 years (and 4 kids). I look forward to new things I'll discover about myself and my family! NEW! (I already printed it out and it's above my computer!) I'm sure I'll find all kinds of other inspiratons surrounding my word. The possibilities are endless!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. gemellen

    2008-01-12 00:19:40 -0500

    I just found your blog & all of a sudden things started to click inside me. My word: MOVEMENT.
    Thank you. & thank you.

  22. Butzelkuh

    2008-01-12 02:30:27 -0500

    I found your blog and the idea of a word of the year through the Creative Mom Podcast and participated last year. For 2007 my word was PLAYGROUND (trying new things, letting go, just play) and my new word for 2008 is ENERGY BUDGET (thinking about the earth, getting greener, but also my own energy budget).
    Thank you so much for this inspiration!

  23. Jenn

    2008-01-27 16:50:57 -0500

    Hi Ali. I am so excited to read about this one word challenge! Thee are so many i could choose but i think i will go with ACCEPTANCE...
    Acceptance of myself, my marriage, my daughter's adolesence, my job, my crafting...
    Thanks for the challenge. I am putting this work on my wall for a daily reminder.

  24. Lynn

    2008-02-16 06:27:07 -0500

    My word is BELIEVE.... believe in myself, believe that life will work out, believe that this will be a good year, believe that I can make new, good friends. Believe is a good word for me this year.

  25. Prescott Olessia

    2009-01-03 12:54:47 -0500

    The Word I will choose for me and my family - UNITE.My husband is Canadian and I am from Russia,we have 2 beautiful kids .We saw watching Canada & Russia hockey game and I was thinking about how different we are and how we are the same,UNITE.We all come from different back around and different country's,we have different traditions,but we all living in the same planet,lets Unite,play live and be happy.

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