Finishing up December Daily

Day 22 (a little card inside the envelope talks about the tulips):

Day 23:

Day 24 (includes my blog post from the 27th that talks about everything that happened over the last few days leading up to Christmas):

And Day 25:

And the back, which features this cool idea from Tolkien's Letters from Father Christmas :

So, wow. I did it.

I will definitely be going this route again next year: setting up an album before December to record daily things + photographs over the course of the month leading up to Christmas day. I love that I now have something I can hold in my hands that shows the progression, that documents the moments (mainly in photos), that has a beginning and an end. My structural format may be different next year (part of the fun of coming up with a foundation), but the overall daily process will be the same.

Thanks for cheering me on along the way.

Making the Squares
A couple questions in the comments yesterday regarding the collage (or mosaic) of inspiring photos. If you use Flickr you can easily create these mosaics using Big Huge Labs Mosaic Maker. You specify the number of photos across and down and where they come from (mine usually come from my favorites).

I also often make photo gatherings in Photoshop to use in my projects. Or sometimes I just use a square punch. You can read how I go about creating these groupings in Photoshop in a past issue of my newsletter here (scroll down to "Creating Photo Gatherings in Photoshop").

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