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April 15, 2008

Autism Fundraiser Crop + Class


On Saturday, April 26th I will be attending an Autism Fundraiser Crop and teaching a 2-hour minibook class at Ben Franklin Crafts in Bonney Lake, Washington. Half of the proceeds will be donated to Autism Speaks. Click here for more information or call 253-862-6822 to register.


  • 1.
    Gayle said…

    Love that album! Will you share more of it after the crop?

  • 2.
    Erin said…

    Please show your inside pages-it looks so cool, and I’d love to see it since I cannot attend your class! Erin :)

  • 3.
    Kristine said…

    Please share more–i ordered the CK kit of the month kit and this idea might work with it. Wish i could be there for the class. Want to come to Burlington VT???

  • 4.
    Amy said…

    Ali, it’s so good to have you home and posting wonderful creative things again! You were missed greatly! :) I totally need to move to the west coast so I can attend more of your classes! And I agree, I’d love it if you could post the rest of the book, maybe after you teach the class? I love the Hambly in the pocket, is that the new grandma’s wallpaper? I just ordered that! I want to do a mini book with the d.reeves pink album (looks so much like milk glass which is totally my grandmothers to me) about what I learned from my 3 grandmothers that I knew in my lifetime, who have since all passed on. I think I owe my minibook inspirations to you. :) Have a great day!

  • 5.
    jen said…

    Just signed up … looking forward to it!

  • 6.
    kT said…

    I looked into making the class, but the flights aren’t working in my favor (the perk of working for a travel company gives you lots of resources). I hope it goes well!

  • 7.
    anna tremblay said…

    i sooooo wish that I lived in the or/wa area… I would love to be able to take a class from you..i live in cali… (wahoo!! I’m going to CKU-houston and get to take a few (2) from you then!! )
    What a great book, and an even greater cause! We, the public, would love to see more of your awesome creation!
    Anna Tremblay

  • 8.
    julie brooks said…

    So excited for this class! I’m giddy with anticipation! I’m hopeful my friend from Redmond has signed up and will be joining me. See you soon!

  • 9.

    Ugh! I so wish I could be there. Maybe next time.

  • 10.
    Jeanette Brooks said…

    I’m with the other gals, I’d love to see more of this amazing creations after the class. :D

  • 11.
    alexandra said…

    Cool album, Ali.
    So wishing I lived closer and could attend.
    Wondering if you would consider putting together kits for sale – this album or any project for that matter. I’m sure lots of us would buy any kit of yours for such a worthy cause.

  • 12.
    laura ward said…

    I am already signed up and totally looking forward to taking your class! I took your class at CKC-Portland and loved it! See you soon.

  • 13.
    Rhonda said…

    love the look of the album and such a great cause. Alas, I am not in that area. Any chance you would consider selling the kit on-line with instructions?
    hugs to Simon

  • 14.
    SandyB said…

    Will you be selling additional kits online for those of us who can’t attend?

  • 15.
    Debbi G. said…

    This would be another great kit. Your mini-books ROCK. Actually anything you do does. Kits would be a good “fundraising” tool.

  • 16.
    sue said…

    Will you be selling additional kits online for those of us who can’t attend? – copied the comment from someone else, and i’m hoping that the answer is yes!!

  • 17.
    Terri Porter said…

    I agree with all the comments above about a kit being made available for this book. It would probably quadruple the amount of money you could raise for the cause and would make a lot of us very happy!

  • 18.
    jamie said…

    an online class could be groovy…i am drooling to see inside that kit!
    will you be at CK Phoenix in Sept?

  • 19.
    Rosy said…

    I’ll be there working–can’t wait!

  • 20.
    Stephanie said…

    I teach classes at Ben Franklin and I simply cannot wait for this class!!!!!! It is going to be such a great time!!!!! See you on the 26th:)

  • 21.
    melissa deakin said…

    this is so fabulous, ali!
    i wish i could take that class.
    you are amazing! :)

  • 22.
    Lisa in WA said…

    Darn- I have reservations at Great Wolf Lodge that weekend! I would have loved to have taken this class, the album looks so interesting! Thanks for coming up our way here in WA anyway. Maybe next time…

  • 23.
    karen said…

    i love all the projects you do…i wish i lived around there so i could attend your class.
    just like the others posted, this should be made into kits, as i, and others would definetly buy them. especially since it is for a good cause.
    please let us know if it does become available.

  • 24.
    Jennifer Findlay said…

    I love your minis! You should open an etsy and sell them as kits!

  • 25.
    DonnaC said…

    Another great project Ali! and one where we focus on ourselves, which I rarely do.
    I was going to suggest a link to esty for digital downloads of images of the rest of the project as part of the fundraiser (then you could have participants from all over, but they use their own materials) but after looking at the other comments, I would love to order a kit. How about both options?

  • 26.
    Kimberley Kline said…

    Ali, please sell this kit! Looks like you’d raise a lot more money.

  • 27.
    Jaclyn Venter said…

    Hi Ali, i wish i could attend this crop! the book is fantastic, how could i buy / obtain one – seeing that I live in South Africa? I would love love love to have one! hoping to hear from you
    Jaclyn Venter
    South Africa

  • 28.
    Melanie said…

    I’ve signed up for the crop and class and can’t wait!

  • 29.
    Alicia Day said…

    For those of us not close to where you will be, would you consider making kits and selling them to raise money as well?

  • 30.
    heatherle said…

    My current project is putting IKEA framed kid art all over my school. The staff bathrooms looked like Shell station johns in bad parts of town, and now they are beautiful. The AP has art made by one of his frequent customers. The school psych has a beautiful flower, and the office has a magenet wall for good schoolwork – - Called the Vernon Family Fridge. It has went off so well that people are requesting more art – - for their own areas, like the aide rooms, the social worker. Someone suggested in the kitchen too to help brighten the lunchladies’ demeanor.

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