Coburg Antique Fair

A great group of ladies gathered in the wee dark hours of the morning yesterday to scope out the best finds at the annual Coburg Antique Fair. It was literally still dark when we all met (6am) and started out on our adventure (good thing many of the booths had lamps). This is one of my favorite events of the year - tons of tons of crazy booths with treasures just waiting to be found.

Here we are about 9:30am, as it was starting to get hot, sharing our finds:


I definitely gathered a few things that just had to come home with me:


A yellow baby scale, a small globe with the planets listed on the base, an Oregon Statesman paper tin for Chris' office, a small white cup...


A group of chenille blankets to add some texture to the baby's room, a great little brown sweater for the little one, and my most favorite find of the day:


A bay of lockers that I am going to repaint and use in my new office space. I love this. Thanks Jill for hauling this one home for me. Anyone have any tips for what kind of paint/the best way to paint metal? Edited: just to clarify I am not painting these myself while I am pregnant.

Following an afternoon nap Chris and I took a couple more steps in moving things around in the house. The shelves were unmounted from the wall in his office and moved out into the living room (and remounted). It was a ton of books to move but needed to be done it order for other things to start switching rooms. One step at a time.

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