Q & A from Last Week + Valentine Digital Elements Sale @ Designer Digitals

Happy Thursday!

Below are answers to some recent questions regarding the yellow heart layout and the Valentine minibook posts from last week:

POST : Yellow Heart Layout

6a00d83451bb3569e2010536ef4af7970b.jpg The large scalloped chipboard heart set from Technique Tuesday is now available at scrapbook.com.

From Jody : I love pages that use acrylics, but haven't tried it. Is it photo-safe? What about cracking/peeling?
I double-checked and the paint I was using here (Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints) is acid free according to Ranger's website. In general this is not something that I am overly concerned about. Some of the things I create are going to last (just look at all the things that have lasted before "acid-free" ever became an issue) and some will deteriorate. I am after a balance between words, photos, and playful creativity. Of the pages that I have painted on I don't really recall seeing any chipping or peeling. I do think that some of my minibooks that have been handled quite a bit do have areas of peeling paint - that's wear and tear that I don't mind at all.

From Camille : Does your paper ever tend to curl
after it's painted? I suppose if it's heavy enough cardstock, you don't
have that problem. Just wondering...

have painted backgrounds on cardstock quite a few times now and have
not had any problems with curling. Most often I use Bazzill textured cardstock. I also don't use a ton of paint. I have created some digital files of painted backgrounds available as well: Painterly Backgrounds.

From Danielle : What are the little "doodads" that you use to stand up your layout in order to take a photo...they look too cool :)
Those are "flower frogs" that Tim Holtz gave me last year. These ones are SUPER sharp so watch out with little kids around. Here's a link to some articles on Martha Stewart's website that talk about using them for flower arranging, etc.


POST : Valentine’s MiniBook

From Mel : How did you take the photos---a photo booth, or did you use a camera on a timer?

photos are from a real photobooth at one of our local movie theaters. I
have a great little collection going of different ones we have found
from time to time.

From Annie : I know this is a really basic question but how do you organize random photos to all print on one page?
create a new canvas in Photoshop (File/New) – such as 8x10 and then drag and drop each of the
photos onto the new blank canvas. Make sure that you are scanning in
your photos at 300dpi and making the new canvas 300dpi. Check out
this past issue of my newsletter for a step-by-step on creating photo gatherings in Photoshop.

From Grace : Could you please share what you printed your digital circles on - Photo Matte Paper or standard cardstock?
I printed them on textured cardstock. You could print them on photo paper as well for a glossy-look.

Cheri : My question is do you have any other downloads on the designers
digital site that are pdf and you don't have to have PSE to use? If
that is the only one, please consider doing more for the non digital
scrappers out there.

thing to remember is that you don’t have to have photoshop to open .png
files. They can also be opened and printed from Microsoft Word (and other programs). I hope
to create more elements that include PDF options with the files in the
future. Here's a few others that could be easily printed, trimmed out and used on paper layouts:


Memory Tags


Family Gratitude Title & Journal Blocks


SALE : 30% off Valentine products through Friday at 6am Eastern at Designer Digitals. You can see everything included in the sale here. Here's a few suggestions from my line:


Love Postage


Love Word Art


Love Circles


Love You Circle Frames & Overlays

And a special $.99 item from Katie Pertiet:


Stacked Vintage Frames Hearts

23 thoughts

  1. lindsay

    2009-02-05 00:28:25 -0500

    where can i find the latest newsletter with the info on making collages in photoshop? i know how to crop several photos to fit on a 4x6, etc. but i am hoping it says something about just resizing the photo. sometimes i want the photo smaller, but i don't want to cut anything out. does that make any sense?

  2. Ali Edwards

    2009-02-05 01:19:32 -0500

    Hey Lindsay - sorry about that - I updated the link: http://www.lifeartmedia.com/newsletter4.html

  3. Nicky from Canada

    2009-02-05 01:20:58 -0500

    Thanks for the Q & A - always helps with the little questions.
    Love your new digital valentines items - they are great.
    Hope you are feeling well - sure that all of you are getting pretty excited.

  4. Em

    2009-02-05 01:38:34 -0500

    Totally off-topic: As soon as I get the chance in the morning I check your blog for baby A's arrival - if I feel this way I can only imagine how you and your family must be feeling! ;) Good luck for the time to come and can't wait to read all about her!

  5. Lazy Mom Leslie

    2009-02-05 02:30:29 -0500

    Thanks for the Q&A, it alwasy helps to hear others questions b/c they are usually the same as my own.

  6. Caryl Hope

    2009-02-05 02:56:03 -0500

    Hi, I love that your products are available in .png files for us without PSE. I bought the Memory Tags and found out that its in a 12x12 format. How do I resize this to 8.5x11? Hope you can help. Thanks. :-)

  7. Joye

    2009-02-05 03:01:53 -0500

    Ali-love your designer digitals. i was wondering...me being a stamper, as well as lots of others, if you would consider doing some of your designer digitals in stamps. Especially like the ones in todays blog. Memory tags and family gratitude title & journal blocks. Thanks!

  8. Ali Edwards

    2009-02-05 03:06:32 -0500

    Joye - check out this link for some of my digital designs that have been made into stamps so far by Technique Tuesday: http://www.techniquetuesday.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=AE1
    More will be coming :).

  9. Ali Edwards

    2009-02-05 03:09:14 -0500

    Caryl - each of the files for the Memory Tags are individual (rather than on a 12x12). If you want to make them smaller you can resize them by clicking on the image, holding down the shift key, and dragging the image from one of the corners (these instructions may be a little different depending on what program you are using).

  10. jen

    2009-02-05 03:15:25 -0500

    Hi Ali! I love checking out this site and I really want to start scrap-booking, but I just don't know where to begin. I'm sure you've probably answered this before, but is there a good beginner's shopping list? I feel overwhelmed by all of the choices and have no concept of how much stuff I need to buy to get started with a basic album. Thanks!

  11. Ali Edwards

    2009-02-05 03:21:14 -0500

    Hey Jen - that is a great topic! Let me jot some things down and do a separate post on that sometime soon.

  12. Ashley S.

    2009-02-05 03:55:53 -0500

    Thanks for the heads up about the sale at Designer Digitals. I just ordered your I love You overlays and Love Circles. I love your stuff. Thanks!

  13. tchrtiff

    2009-02-05 04:23:56 -0500

    Thanks for all your ideas and answers to our questions. I've learned so much from you and am constantly inspired.
    I'm just starting to learn Photoshop Elements (just rec'd it last week) and was looking through your items at Designer Digitals and can't wait to start playing. What "cardstock" or "paper" do you use on your digital layouts? I remember you've told us that you stick to just a few basics--white, black, red, kraft--when creating paper layouts but wonder what you use for digital layouts. I looked at the papers on the DD website and became so confused b/c there were so many and none were labelled "basics used by Ali" ;-) LOL

  14. laura in sc

    2009-02-05 06:51:14 -0500

    Hey! I just ordered your family circle and everyday words clear stamps through stamps.com!!!! Can't wait for them arrive so I can create and play! =D

  15. chantille

    2009-02-05 07:08:03 -0500

    Ali, could you explain the difference between png and pse files. As a non-digital scrapper is one easier than the other and which should I use? (I have Elements 7 but I know nothing about it). Can both type of files be printed on cardstock? Is it just the ones that say 'overlays' that be printed on transparencies and directly on a photo? Do both need unzipping?
    Best of luck with the new baby. Everyday when I check your blog I'm waiting to see if she has arrived. You're making me broody! Mine are 13 and 14 (one of each) so well past the baby stage unfortunately :(

  16. gitz

    2009-02-05 07:35:09 -0500

    Just an FYI to one of the questions you answered: I have Photoshop now and use it to play with my photos, but I stated digital scrapbooking awhile ago before I had the program and did all of my digital page layouts in Microsoft Publisher 2003. It is so simple that it's still what I use to put my layouts together instead of Photoshop... about the only thing I have to do in another program is clipping masks.
    Just thought that might help someone who wants to do digital but can't afford Photoshop.

  17. lindsay

    2009-02-05 11:04:58 -0500

    thanks ali for the link! finally some directions i can follow! can't wait to see pics of the new little mama! my thoughts are with you in the following days. prayers for a safe delivery.

  18. christina

    2009-02-05 11:23:58 -0500

    Just checking in to say I'll be thinking of you in the coming weeks, fellow mama. Take care of yourself. :)

  19. christina

    2009-02-05 11:24:25 -0500

    Just checking in to say I'll be thinking of you in the coming weeks, fellow mama. Take care of yourself. :)

  20. christina

    2009-02-05 11:24:29 -0500

    Just checking in to say I'll be thinking of you in the coming weeks, fellow mama. Take care of yourself. :)

  21. Bonnie

    2009-02-05 11:44:45 -0500

    I was so happy to see some answer to questions I had too! I bought your Love Circles and love them. I used them to make my own Mini love book (posted on my blog today). I had lots of fun with that project. Thanks!

  22. Carolyn

    2009-02-05 14:38:52 -0500

    Hi Ali,
    I love the question and answer format. I have a big question for you.
    We read often of you mentioning some very interesting blogs. I would love to see a list of blogs that you check every day. (or often). I do see your list of links but think there are many others you are visiting on a regular basis and I would love your inspiration on this!
    You got me started with some of my favorite blogs (you are still number one on my daily list though) I love Chez Larsson, Posie Gets Cozy, Soule Mama, Whimsy Love, One Pretty Thing. Other thoughts?
    Thanks so much! Looking forward to your sweet girl's arrival!

  23. Janna

    2009-02-07 09:25:20 -0500

    Found your blog through isphotography's etsy site and was surprised to find out that I recognized you from Creating Keepsakes! I was expecting a photography blog and was pleased to see scrapbooking too! Love your Valentine's items!

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