December Daily 2010 | Day Eleven

Welcome to Day Eleven!

JOURNALING : As a special surprise this December I bought tickets to take you to see Beauty & The Beast at Cottage Theater. Beauty & The Beast has been one of your favorite movies lately. You very enthusiastically sing along. Be Our Guest is your favorite song and Lumiere the candlestick is your favorite character. Grandma Susan was able to come along with us which made it even more special. The show began at 8pm and you were definitely excited. On the drive down to Cottage Grove you sang about five of the songs for me (full versions). It was awesome. Waiting for the show was the hardest part. Once the lights went out you were at attention and totally jazzed. You definitely got a little sleepy half-way through but perked up once the second act started. Be Our Guest was your favorite part. I really enjoyed spending this special time with you Simon.

On the second page I cropped the front page of the program and paired it with the tickets.

Here's a close up of the bottom portion:

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29 thoughts

  1. Ruth

    2010-12-12 17:06:27 -0500

    My DS is getting the B&B DVD for Christmas ... it will be so cool to take him to the stage show in a few years time. Love how you have included the tickets and program cover.

  2. Estellita

    2010-12-12 17:07:44 -0500

    Love these events, it's magic for our children !!!

  3. Catherin G.

    2010-12-12 17:13:21 -0500

    What a beautiful way to incorporate the event.

  4. Heidi

    2010-12-12 17:33:05 -0500

    Thank you so much for doing this and posting the daily updates. I decided to give it a try this year (digitally) and it's going pretty well. I'm really glad you said not to criticize the daily layouts because the beauty is in the overall book. I'm not loving anything I do each day, but I can see that I'm going to love having these memories recorded. Love this page!

  5. melanie

    2010-12-12 17:34:00 -0500

    Seriously wonderful. :) Such a sweet photo!

  6. Dori

    2010-12-12 17:46:14 -0500

    As an empty nester, my pages 1 though 10 have been about my husband, my beagle, and me. Not a bad thing, lol, but surely not as exciting as having little ones to share these 25 days with. Lucky for us, our 9-yr-old granddaughter stayed with us for the weekend so her mom and dad could go shopping. Today she and I covered pinecones with peanut butter and bird seed and then braved the winds and snow (I'm in a Chicago suburb!) to hang them on the bushes and trees in the backyard. We then watched excitedly through the patio doors as our first 'customers' (according to my sweet little granddaughter) arrived and enjoyed their treat! What a special weekend for me! I have lots of pix so my pages for yesterday and today will be a joy to create - as soon as Alexa's mom picks her up. :) Ali, as usual, I love your newest pages and I will be forever grateful for the inspiration you provide. Happy holidays!

  7. Katie

    2010-12-12 17:56:27 -0500

    I am working on my day 11 right now I love your pages these are so unique from the rest of the pages.

  8. Erika

    2010-12-12 18:08:09 -0500

    How fun! I was wondering what Simon's surprise was Friday night.
    Another fabulous page :)

  9. Christine

    2010-12-12 18:13:49 -0500

    This is my first year doing this project, and I really am enjoying it! What are you putting on the backs of your pages, or are you pasting the pages together? For example, the daily page 10 would be pasted to the picture for day 11. When I page through my album, I see a lot of white space. I'd love to hear people's ideas. Thanks!

  10. Jenny Alfonso

    2010-12-12 18:17:42 -0500

    I'm so happy that Simon loved "Beauty and the Beast"! I took my daughter for the first time to "The Nutcracker". My daughter and her friend were beyond excited to watch the ballet and both did really well until Act II. lol. They both got antsy and were asking when it was going to be over. Yet they both want to go again next year! Love your pages Ali!

  11. angie blom

    2010-12-12 18:22:34 -0500

    wonderful pages.. that is one of my favourite shows. I saw it years ago and just loved it. Love the movie as well. nice photo captured of Simon.

  12. Teresa

    2010-12-12 19:39:22 -0500

    Aww...the beauty and the beast is my favorite, too.

  13. Lacey

    2010-12-12 19:47:21 -0500

    That's so awesome! My little brother (well, he"s not so "little" anymore- he'll be 20 in a few months-i'm 34 lol)...played Lumiere (complete w/ a french accent HA!) for his high school production his senior year. It ran for several weeks and sold out each weekend. I loved it so much that I went twice lol! He performed "Be our Guest" and other songs I can't remember right now. I blogged about it and it will give you a link to the pics i took of the play if you are or simon is interested in seeing them): I'm glad Simon had a great time :)

  14. Shanda

    2010-12-12 20:46:45 -0500

    This is my first year doing the December Daily and I am truly enjoying the process and as always I love following your blog. It is so inspirational. Thanks for doing what you do!

  15. abbeyviolet

    2010-12-12 22:01:40 -0500

    Very cool and a great example of how to add in shows as I happened to be at the Nutcracker on Saturday evening as well and was pondering the best way to include pieces of the accompanying program and tickets.

  16. Amybug

    2010-12-12 22:31:45 -0500

    makes me want to go see a show this year too!

  17. Heather

    2010-12-12 23:25:56 -0500

    As a musician I am often IN a lot of shows during December, so thanks for the inspiration on how to include programs and tickets! (and maybe I should toss a paycheck stub in there too?)

  18. TracieClaiborne

    2010-12-12 23:33:16 -0500

    Love seeing your page today because we went to the Nutcracker Ballet today and I was wondering how to use the program!!!!! Yay!

  19. PEG

    2010-12-13 04:18:48 -0500

    Just a wonderfull page ! What a chance you have to go to theater and see so nice musical comedie !!!

  20. gudrun

    2010-12-13 06:23:40 -0500

    Hi Ali.
    I so enjoy this december daily.
    Your pages are amazing and beautiful, and It is so inspiring to follow your process.
    THANKS for doing this!

  21. Maica

    2010-12-13 08:44:18 -0500

    This kind of stuff is allways important to keep, and this is the best place.
    Best Regards from Catalonia

  22. Cynthia H

    2010-12-13 09:08:08 -0500

    always love it when you include the "stuff of life" : )

  23. Heather Tarrant

    2010-12-13 12:44:57 -0500

    I love that you included the actual ticket and program cover. It looks like you included them just as they are. I like the look of them just as they are and want to include ticket stubs/program covers to my December Daily also, but I'm worried about the acidic nature of them. Are you worried about the the writing on the tickets fading or them ruining other components of your album??

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  25. Jen

    2010-12-27 10:19:16 -0500

    love this - can't wait for my kidlet's to be old enough to do these types of events.

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