Project Life | Weeks Thirty-Nine, Forty and Forty-One

Project Life | Week Thirty-Nine

Welcome to Project Life | Weeks Thirty-Nine, Forty, and Forty-One

NOTE: Both the Turquoise and the Amber editions of Project Life are back in stock at Amazon. These were the new designs that debuted late last year - there are new designs coming out next month as well. You can see all the options on Becky's site.

Today's post includes three weeks of Project Life, including two weeks put together by my Mom and Katie while I was traveling in Italy.

It's likely that I'll include a couple things about my trip into Project Life but I wanted to show you what it looks like without it first (see what my Mom did, etc). I imagine that I'll just add in a note and a couple photos - maybe a half-page insert with some of my favorite photos and maybe some information about the logistics and experience. I've got a separate project going for the rest of my trip documentation.

Let's start with Week Thirty-Nine (this was the week right before I left):

Project Life | Week Thirty-Nine

Project Life | Week Thirty-Nine

Project Life | Week Thirty-Nine

Week Forty:

Project Life | Week Forty

Project Life | Week Forty

First off, I love this. I love that my Mom and Katie collaborated to make sure these pockets were filled with photos and bits of life while I was away.

Project Life | Week Forty

Project Life | Week Forty

My parents took the kids down to the beach the first weekend I was away so my Mom included a full second page protector to accommodate the photos and stories.

Project Life | Week Forty

Project Life | Week Forty

I love, love, love having her handwriting in here.

Project Life | Week Forty

What I really love though is that they took the time to do this while they were here. I came home to photos printed and all the content stuffed into the pockets. I know my Mom tried working my printer here at home but ended up with a couple trips to Costco for the 4x6 prints. Love you for doing that Mom. She even rounded all the corners.

Week Forty-One:

Project Life | Week Forty-One

You'll notice as you look at this week that there's a few blank spots.

Project Life | Week Forty-One

I'm thinking I'll use those spaces to include some Italy photos or words about where I was during this time.

Project Life | Week Forty-One

Project Life | Week Forty-One

This list cracks me up. It's a great idea to include something so simple, so everyday.

Project Life | Week Forty

A little bit of the schedule.

Project Life | Week Forty-One

My Dad did some awesome pruning around the yard. Super thankful for that too.

I also love that my Mom got on the internet and downloaded some of the information for the local corn maze - they visited a couple times.

These couple weeks put together while I was away could end up being some of my favorites of the entire year down the road. It's a special addition - so cool to have a bit of their perspective and memories included.

Project Life is a product created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The pieces of the album kit (similar to the one I’m using) are available here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life here.

65 thoughts

  1. Catherine

    2011-10-20 12:49:43 -0400

    High five to awesome parents! My Mom just sent me an email last night saying how glad she was that I was using my gift. Your Mom clearly feels the same. Can't wait to support my own kids like this!

  2. Amanda

    2011-10-20 13:39:26 -0400

    Wow! that's awesome. I love seeing her handwriting too. So lovely! You are uber blessed, Ali!

  3. Wendy Orme

    2011-10-20 14:23:12 -0400

    That is soooo great! What a treasure!

  4. Ashley

    2011-10-20 14:51:01 -0400

    I am in awe that your sweet mama and nanny did this for you. It is most impressive to me that you so clearly recognize the gift that they are in your life. So glad that you have them and they have you.

  5. rhonda

    2011-10-20 15:07:27 -0400

    What a great support system you have! Love seeing things from your mom and Katie's perspective also your dad is a gem too!

  6. cindy

    2011-10-20 15:36:30 -0400

    OMG, that is so awesome your mom worked on your Project life Ali. what a great way to have a part of her & your album from her perspective...gosh, i LOVE this!!!

  7. Sarah

    2011-10-20 16:40:14 -0400

    How sweet of your mom to do that while you were away! Nice job!
    I recognize the Spanish words:) Are the kids learning Spanish?

    It's nice to see you are back:)

  8. Julie G

    2011-10-20 16:50:00 -0400

    your Mom and Dad are amazing (and Katie is pretty cool too) how great that they did all that for you. and i love that Lily went to the beach too :-)
    glad you are home safe and sound

  9. Jenni Hufford

    2011-10-20 17:34:46 -0400

    what a beautiful act of love for your family and you. what amazing parents (and katie) you have.

  10. Karen F from New Zealand

    2011-10-20 18:08:33 -0400

    Hi Ali
    Just LOVE the foods Simon likes list! Cracked me right up reading it as my big boy would be just about identical! great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  11. tiffany h.

    2011-10-20 18:17:18 -0400

    How awesome are these pages?! Love that your Mom & Katie got so involved in keeping up PL while you were away. I think it's fabulous to have your mom's handwriting and things she felt were important to document. Your family is blessed!

  12. Mary in IL

    2011-10-20 18:24:58 -0400

    Not only are your mom and dad awesome, but now I can see exactly why YOU are the person you are Ali! You are the same loving, giving, caring person that your parents raised by their example. You are ALL blessed indeed.

  13. madeline St onge

    2011-10-20 20:34:09 -0400

    Ali what a great mom you have. Love all she did in your album

  14. Tracey

    2011-10-20 21:03:26 -0400

    Seriously, she rounded the corners? That is just awesome.

  15. Stacey

    2011-10-20 21:04:43 -0400

    Awe, Ali, this is so cool!
    And that's your mom's handwriting, right? That's the very best :)
    I really admire your devotion to this project. I crate mine by the month-way fewer details. Your pages always make me yearn for a weekly format - you rock it!! Hugs, girlie :)

  16. aud

    2011-10-20 22:06:53 -0400

    love that you have those bits of your mom's handwriting too -- that makes it even more special, I think!

  17. Raylene

    2011-10-21 09:59:59 -0400

    Love this! I get my daughter to do some journaling every once in awhile, and also include a few of her photos in my PL. She works 4 days a week with her Dad so she is still a big part of our everyday lives!

  18. Nathalie

    2011-10-21 11:03:32 -0400

    Love this! And what and awesome way for you to be filled in on all the day-to-day stuff when you couldn't be in two places at once. Love the handwriting as well. And the rounded corners. I see where you got your attention to thoughtful detail!

  19. Steph S

    2011-10-21 13:59:47 -0400

    You have a great mom and a great Katie! Woot Woot!

  20. Marsaille

    2011-10-22 12:16:39 -0400

    They are no longer teaching handwriting in our schools, and even nice printing isn't emphasized. That's a real treasure to show a lost art like that. Maybe your children or Grandchildren will be inspired to bring back a lost art.

  21. susan garner

    2011-10-22 14:58:08 -0400

    I like the fact that your Mom got involved with your PL while you were away. Thats what family is all about.

  22. Thea

    2011-10-22 20:24:57 -0400

    Reading through all this was so touching . . . my eyes filled with emotional tears seeing the care your parents took with your kids as well as with your memory-making endeavor! So truly sweet that they kept up with your Project Life and made some wonderful memories at the same time!! Love that! Love that you & your kids have so much support and love :).

  23. Veronika Mayer

    2011-10-23 03:05:24 -0400

    Dear Ali,

    a love your project, that's why i am doing this project too. you inspired me all the month. (
    I'm living in Hungary, and it's really hard to get beckys product. I love her clementine kit and i would buy it, but before i have to know the weight of the kit. would you be so kind to weight your pocket? sorry for disturbing you with this, but i don't know who to ask, then becky couldn't help me.
    this pages are cute and you can see how your mom loves you. she is the best!
    best regards,

  24. Kathy

    2011-10-23 14:09:51 -0400

    How wonderful to have the insights of your parents with their grandchildren. Priceless!!

  25. Mallory

    2012-01-05 14:44:53 -0500

    This is so awesome Ali! How wonderful of your mom and Katie to fill in for you while you were away. I noticed some crafty things I hadn't seen before in your PL album. Did your mom contribute them? Is she a scrapbooker too?

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