Decemeber Daily™ 2011 | Day Fifteen

Welcome to December Daily™ 2011 | Day Fifteen.

Today I'm sharing two favorite photos I've taken so far this month. The first is of Anna on the porch yesterday morning on the way to school and the second I took of Simon a week or so ago.

The one of Simon is so classically "him" right now - he will have a grumpy face and we will tell him, "I see a smile under there." or jokingly something along the lines of "Don't smile. Seriously, don't do it." And it almost always gets him to giggling and covering his mouth with his hand and his eyes just sparkle.

And Anna - she's one big bundle of smiles and pink and layers of clothes and purple and dresses and she just can't wait for that lipstick she's hoping Santa will bring.

On top of each printed photo I added words cut with the Silhouette. Tis the Season is from my Messy Little Christmas package (go here to see a video tutorial on how to trace my PNG files with the Silhouette). Hello Joy will be available soon.

This time I adhered with staples (Tiny Attacher).

Simple kraft tag + initial + stitching.

In between the two pages today is a divided page protector. I left one pocket empty when I was putting together the foundation pages. I ended up adding some little glitter circles that my Mom found at Goodwill and two of Tim's Word Stix (adhered back to back). Here' s a close up look:

And the full page:

And the second page of the spread:

JOURNALING | The two of you express a crazy amount of joy - not just during the holidays but all throughout the year. I so love that about each of you. Last night and this morning there was a lot of “she’s touching my legos” and “Simon won’t let me touch his legos.” We talk a lot about sharing and respecting each other’s things (challenging concepts for any age when it comes to things you love) and I remind you both how it’s so awesome to share most with the people you love. As it gets closer to Christmas Day I’m getting excited to have you both here all day (no school!). Planning some fun activities for next week and figuring out ways to make it work. I like schedules & knowing what’s coming next. I also like to share fun, joy-filled things with you two because it brings me tons & tons of joy watching the smiles on your faces (I especially love when I see you sharing joy with one another).

Trim off the edges and staple.


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