The Evolution Of My Story

It's always been my goal to authentically share my story both in my scrapbooks and in this online space.

To me that means addressing the good, the bad, the beautiful, the successes, the challenges - the very real pieces of my life.

As many of you have noticed, and some have commented and emailed, Chris has been mostly absent for some time from the stories and photos. He has decided that he wants something different with his life and we are in the process of getting a divorce.

Chris continues to maintain an active role in the kid's lives.

There is nothing easy about this.

It's very hard and very stressful and very sad.

And yet, the story continues for all of us. For him and me. For the kids and me. For him and the kids. And there are many, many things I have to be thankful for in my life.

I've always maintained, and taught in my workshops, that not all stories need to be told.

But here, in this space, it's important to me that there's a general awareness of this change. This will allow me to more authentically share my story going forward.

A few months ago I asked for your prayers, your positive energy, your wishes of strength and peace, and your compassion. I'd humbly ask for your continued kindness as this specific chapter closes and new ones begin.

As you consider leaving a comment I would also humbly ask that you focus on something positive, compassionate and/or uplifting. Our heartfelt intent is to maintain a positive relationship as we move forward in our lives.

Wishing all of you, especially any of you who may be experiencing something similar within your own family, peace during the Christmas season.

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