December Daily™ 2012 | Day Twenty

Christmas cards. Love.

Lots of emotions around here as we get closer to the holidays. Doing things a bit differently than in the past and I'm riding the waves of love and longing and embracing the goodness of family and friends. Working on staying focused on the beauty of the season and my own personal intentions for how I want to experience the wonder of Christmas.

I believe.

Our Christmas card this year came from Minted (same company I used last year). Love their quality. This one is actually around 5x7 so I did cut it down to fit into the 4x6 pocket.

They offer other cool stuff in addition to cards - love checking out their art prints too.

The circles above on the jouranling card were made using the circle stamps from the December Daily™ stamp set + Zing embossing in red, silver and platinum.

This is one of my absolute favorite photos from this past year. I love these two so very much and can't wait to experience Christmas with them again on Tuesday.

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