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November 4, 2013

Hello 38.


Today I’m celebrating my 38th birthday and as a thank you for being a part of this crazy life adventure with me I created a “love one another” word art piece that you can download below:

Download the Love One Another word art here.

If you’d like more information on working with digital files like this to add to your photos or print for your paper projects check out my free series of posts: Getting Started With Digital Scrapbooking.

Hope you have a great week!


  • 101.
    Sandi Keene said…

    Happy Birthday, Ali! Always inspiring. Thank you for the gift!

  • 102.
    DEE said…

    I share a birthday with a wonderful woman! (i have a “couple of years on you…haa)
    Get packing! Go rock China!!!!

  • 103.
    Teri Terrific said…

    Happy Birthday! May the Lord bring a special blessing your way today :D Thank you for the delightful WA.

  • 104.
    Kim Bolyard said…

    Happy Birthday Ali…today is my daughters birthday also…she is turning 23. Have a wonderful day


  • 105.
    Alison Day said…

    Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day and a fantastic 38th year!! (or is it your 39th year …. I can never get that straight – LOL!)
    Thanks for the download. I love it!

  • 106.
    Lisa said…

    Happy Birthday and Thank you! I say this to my kids all the time…and can’t wait to try this out on my new silhouette which arrived last week.

  • 107.
    Mindy said…

    Today is my birthday too! I’m 39 :) Hope you have a wonderful day Ali!

  • 108.
    Debbie P said…

    Happy Birthday Ali! You are still just a baby!

  • 109.
    Cathy said…

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy Ali… have a fabulous day !!

  • 110.
    Judi Markel said…

    Happy Birthday Ali! And thank you for the word art. Have a great day.

  • 111.
    jen said…

    Happy Happy Birthday!!

  • 112.
    Suz said…

    Happy birthday Ali!!! Have a beautiful day and thank you for sharing this file! :)
    Take care you.

  • 113.
    Annerine said…

    Happy Birthday Ali! Best wishes and have a wonderful day and thank you for all your inspiration!

  • 114.
    TaraMcK said…

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope you day is filled with love and blessings.

  • 115.
    Susan Dingess said…

    Have a spectacular birthday! Thank you for the word art!

  • 116.
    Susanne said…

    Happy Birthday Ali!

  • 117.
    Alison said…

    Happy Happy Birthday.

  • 118.
    Allison M. said…

    Happy Birthday Ali! I hope you have a wonderful day full of surprises.

  • 119.
    Ellie Augustin said…

    Wishing you a wonderful & blessed Birthday. Thank you for all you have shared and taught us. I personally thank you for sharing Project Life & December Daily 3 years ago,because of you I once again thought OK I could actually scrapbook again and let go of what I thought it should be and saw what it really was meant to be. It’s a way to document and record my memories of myself, my children and life itself. So for that I am so thankful and words will never express how I truly thank you! (FYI: I’ll be turning 38 on the 14th of this month)

  • 120.
    Amy Bonner said…

    HaPpY BirThDaY!!! Thank you for being such an inspirational part of my life! And thank you for being so thoughtful and giving and willing to create and share a sentiment that is so universal through this free download. I intend to use it well! (and more importantly, apply the principle) :) Lots of Love and Happiness to you on your special day!!

  • 121.
    Nicky from Okotoks said…

    Happy Birthday Ali

  • 122.
    Angi213 said…

    Happiest of Birthdays, Ali! Blessings for a wonderful day and a fabulous year!

  • 123.
    Cindy Alvarez said…

    Happy Birhtday and thanks for the free download!!

  • 124.
    Amberca said…

    Happy Birthday Ali!! Hope it’s a blessed one!

  • 125.
    Michelle Mounts said…

    Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a great day! :)

  • 126.
    StacyK said…

    Happy Birthday Ali! Wishing you all the best. My husband’s bday is today as well!

  • 127.
    Soco said…

    Happy birthday, Ali! Have a beautiful day! Thanks for the gift!

  • 128.
    Peggy said…

    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!
    Have the best day!!!

  • 129.
    Peggy said…

    Oh and THANK YOU for the GREAT digital!!! YEAH!!!

  • 130.
    DanaN said…

    Have a wonderful birthday Ali! Thank you for the word art.

  • 131.

    thank you! and happy birthday!!!

  • 132.
    Leanne in CA said…

    Hope you have a fabulous birthday and a really great rest of the week!

  • 133.
    liz H said…

    Happy Birthday Ali!!! Have a great year!!!

  • 134.
    Sophia Allison said…

    Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing…

  • 135.
    Laurel said…

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the download.

  • 136.
    Barb Mc said…

    Happy Birthday, Ali! Thank you so much for sharing your life’s journey and your art with us. How inspiring You are!

  • 137.
    Brenda said…

    Happy Birthday and thanks for this great freebie.

  • 138.
    Lynnette said…

    Wising you the best birthday EVER! Thanks for the gift!

  • 139.
    Domi said…

    Happy Birthday Ali and thank you for your gift !

  • 140.
    Lynn said…

    Happy Birthday Ali! May you have many blessings today and always.

  • 141.
    Sandra1968 said…

    Happy Birthday!

  • 142.
    Marie-Pierre said…

    Thanks Ali! I’ll put this one to good use!!!! Happy Birthday! :) xox

  • 143.

    Thanks, and hb

  • 144.

    Happy Birthday Ali!! Keep on keepin on!!! Have an awesome day! :) Evie

  • 145.
    Shannon P. said…

    Happy Birthday, Ali! I hope this is your best year yet. Thanks for the file.

  • 146.
    Deirdre said…

    Happy Birthday, Ali! Thanks for all you share–your talents and your story!

  • 147.
    anna said…

    Much happiness to you & your sweet children! May your birthday be filled with many blessings.

  • 148.
    BettyJoR said…

    Hope you have a fabulous Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for gifting us!

  • 149.
    ketty said…

    Happy birthday Ali! Blessings from France

  • 150.
    Carol in Atlanta said…

    Happy Birthday & Thanks for Your Gift to Us! You are an major inspiration in my life. In fact, today, I just flipped through my One Little Week book from 2010 !!

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