If Our Table Could Talk


If our table could talk it would have so many tales to tell.

Stories when it's been just the four of us, or when we've been visited by friends, first bites, tantrums and exasperation and trial & error, taxes all laid out, morning newspapers, weekend waffles, so many cups of coffee & OJ.

If our table could talk yesterday's story would be one of creation & friendship.



My friend Paolo came down for the day as he sometimes does and I decided we were going to have an art day. I'm still riding a wave of inspiration from a couple weekend's ago at the beach.

I've known Paolo now for over 20 years. I consider him a part of my family. You might have seen him in some of my scrapbook pages:


He's come down for the Coburg Antique Fair.


He's come down for the day and we took Polaroids.


He's traveled with me to events in the US.


He's traveled with me to events abroad (he works for an airline which makes this sort of travel possible).


Most of the time when we get together these days we do something creative whether it's taking photos or making collages or just talking about living lives infused with creativity.

If our table could talk it would tell you that yesterday we painted with wax (following a bunch of Claudine's tips from her Beeswaz Collage DVD), adhered old patterns picked up from Goodwill with gel medium, painted over the top, etc.


If our table could talk it would tell you how excited we were to have Anna come home from the beach and join us at the table.

She began with crayons, moved on to water painting with a foam brush, and then on to some of Tim's paint dabbers. Katie made up some brightly colored finger paints but really she only wanted whatever it was that was in my hand at the moment (and she really wanted to squeeze the paint onto her paper).

If our table could talk it would tell you just how excited I was that she might have an interest in this sort of play.


If our table could talk I think it would say that good stuff happened here yesterday. A friendship was nurtured and cherished. Canvases were created. Little kids made messes and giggled and chased Paolo around with swords.

If our table could talk I think it would say, "Again, please."

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  1. Jeanne M says…

    Linda, if I'm reading correctly, those aren't stamps but canvases covered in old patterns. But they would be great stamps, wouldn't they? I would totally buy those.

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