Week In The Life™ 2014 | Friday Words & Photos

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween. 

In honor of a crazy-full day of work and family and friends, I'm skipping the words and just sharing the photos today. 

There are definitely things I want to say about these images and stories to tell (like how both the girls had meltdowns way before it was time to trick-or-treat which left me carving the pumpkins on my own with my Coors Light). 

As you look through the photos I invite you to think about the difference the words make. If I do tell you more, how does that impact your experience? 

My house was full again this year for Halloween and for that I am so very thankful. 


About 116 DSLR shots + 28 iPhone shots. 


I'd love to have you share a link to your FRIDAY words and photos below. Please link directly to your post vs. a general blog link. In addition you're invited to come over to the free Week In The Life™ Community Gallery & Message Board.

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39 thoughts

  1. Juljul13 says…

    Love the look Miss Anna, one sock on, one sock off. Girlfriend knows how to party.

    So sweet.

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  2. merlainne says…

    Found myself wondering if this is something like being deaf? The pictures alone tell a story for sure, but it's clearly not as complete a story. Your posts all week have been soulful and inspiring, the words making magic. I'm ready to get out my journaling pen and trust that my words will literally add to the picture. Thank you, Ali.

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  3. abbypimentel says…

    Wow - merlainne hit the nail on the head with the "something like being deaf" comment. Need the words for a full "ohhhhh, yeah, I can see that" feeling. A Mom's perspective is so much more than the basic, what, where, who, when...your words have a tone to them, which "colors" the picture with words. Thanks for sharing!

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