Project Life® 2017 | Week Twelve

Another wonderfully regular week around here. 

In terms of embellishments on this Project Life® spread I decided to shop my current stash and specifically look back through my past Story Kit™ chipboard sets and pick out some of the 1/2 circles to add to my photos. My goal with the products I sell here is that they can be used for all kinds of different stories from our everyday lives - I was able to match a bunch of past themes with my current photos for the week. I want you to use the stuff you buy from me - that's the goal!

Also remember that repetition also doesn't have to look exactly the same (such as using the same journal card design over the course of a week). In the case of this spread I repeated a general shape of an embellishment (1/2 circle) but they varied in colors, theme, design on top, etc. I also grabbed one of the day of the week circles from a past Week In The Life™ kit and cut it in half to mimic the shape of the other embellishments I used throughout the spread. 

I also decided to use one of those cool POSCA white pens on a couple photos again this week. Check out my past white pen review post for more details

Here's a look at Week Twelve: 

In looking at what I ended up using this week I can see that I also gravitated to black and white journal cards. Simple + clean. 

The "cats" journal card is part of a new cat/dog/pet word art set I will be releasing next month. 

The "Here we go" card was from a past Story Kit™.

The 3pm card is from the Day In The Life™ No. 2 (includes 24 cards - one for each hour of the day). 



Check out my Storytelling With Project Life® workshop that is now available as a self-paced workshop. Topics include: 

  • Lesson One | A look back at many of my past Project Life® albums (2010-2015) with individual video walk-throughs. The take-away from this lesson is the opportunity to learn from the past and reflect on what's worked and what's not worked to create a plan for right now.
  • Lesson Two | Process exploration. Setting expectations, creating a plan for yourself (key word here being "YOU") and setting yourself up for success by establishing a storytelling mindset. This content will be specific to telling stories in Project Life®.  
  • Lesson Three | Specific storytelling ideas, encouragement, and inspiration to spark stories.  
  • Lesson Four | Working with products in Project Life®.

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5 thoughts

  1. mtercha says…

    With the Story Kits, I love how I can use them for stories relating to the specific theme, then also use some piece in my regular monthly PL, or other projects, even used a few for OLW. They are awesome, relevant products. Thanks. Michelle t

    Reply 0 Replies
  2. barefootscrapbooker says…

    I tend to hoard past kits because I love them so much, but have decided to use them for WITL this year. It's time to dig into the awesomeness and use it for the special everyday stories of next week. This PL spread inspires me even further. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. HelenP says…

    So excited for the pets word art! Thank you so much!

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  4. Cdwalrav says…

    I was so excited to see we were getting an entire week of PL posts! Thanks for sharing your spreads with us.
    Is there something behind the chalkboard photo? It looks like some packaging?

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      No, it's just the frame around the chalkboard itself ;).