Day In The Life™ | June 2017 Completed Project

I think this is probably my most favorite way to approach  Day In The Life™

Here are some of the things I loved about the project this time around: 

I loved that the documentation day for this one happened right as we were transitioning out of school and into summer.

I loved using the timer on my phone to capture one story and one photo each hour. It totally does not need to be more than that - such an easy, simple way to give yourself direction. 

I loved that I simply copied and pasted my text from the journaling I had done on  Instagram onto the digital version of the Day In The Life™ Mini Kit No. 4 journal cards. I could have just as easily re-written them by hand on the cards from the physical kit but I just felt like printing them this time instead (love being able to mix it up). 

I loved that when I went to print I only had the small number of photos I took to choose from (one each hour) - no extras to make choosing any more complicated than it needed to be. It took me about 15-20 minutes to edit/crop and then print my photos using my  Epson PictureMate PM400.

I loved going really simple with my embellishing including using  the roller stamp from the kit as a title for each card and then stickers from the Word Phrase Sticker Bundle and the WITL Phrase Sticker Bundle.

And I loved putting the completed pages right into my Project Life® album using Design F Page Protectors. I cut the second Design F page protector in half (using my trimmer) and then used a Fuse Tool to turn the 4x6 pocket into two, 3x4 pockets. 

Here's a look at the completed project that is spread over one and a half pages: 

The YAY is from the Fun Story Kit™. I used a star pattern silkscreen and Cascade AED Acrylic Paint to create the pattern on top. Story Kit™ subscribers can check out the how-to for this in the Fun classroom. I super love that the word is correct when we view it from both the front and the back. So cool. 

On each card I used the rolling stamp to add a "title" -ing word or "currently" or "around here" and then simply added a couple stickers to some of the photos. 

I used an older Week In The Life™ stamp set that included the small circle to designate whether it was AM or PM. 



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9 thoughts

  1. Lasussy says…

    IT looks great! I'm my first time doing DITL and really loved the way the journaling it's practically done the same day and not so many pictures to choose from.
    How are you able to print 3x4 in your Epson PM 400? Because the pages are 4x6 right? Thanks for inspiring us Ali!!

    Reply 2 Replies
    1. AliEdwards says…

      I just crop my photos to 3x4 and then print them out onto the 4x6 paper (this is the very lazy approach). You can also use a template with 2, 3x4 spots or use a program like the Project Life® app that has 4x6 templates included for printing. I also have a video tutorial on how to add 2, 3x4 photos to a 4x6 canvas in Photoshop here:

    2. Lasussy says…

      THANK You Ali!


    Hi Ali,
    You mentioned a tripod the other day that you have been using. I forgot the name. Can you give that to me...interested in trying it. Thank you!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Sure! It's called a CamRah Flexible Tripod:

  3. micmagcan says…

    Ali, I love how you did this one! I also ordered the Design F page inserts and was really struggling with how to do the second page. Now, I think I will just use my Fuse tool! :) Thank you for always being inspiring!! You make memory keeping so much fun!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Awesome - so glad that helped you too!

  4. PrinzessinN says…

    I love your pages. It is cool that you kept it very simple.

    My album still is in progress. I participated for the first time and also did one photo per hour. In order to complete my album, the goal is also to keep it simple.

    Hopefully I can finish it soon.

    Reply 0 Replies
  5. jac_mcc says…

    Looks fabulous. Was excited to do DITL last week and woke up with a migraine! I'm going do it this Thursday now. Quick question - do you know the dates of your other DITLs for 2017? I'm going to be doing WITL either Sept or Oct so want to fit it around them :)

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