Project Life® 2018 | Week Two

Welcome to  Project Life® 2018 | Week Two. 

Repetition for the win again this week! My repetitive element this week are the Story Cards that are an Add On option for Story Kit™ Subscribers. I love cutting them up and using pieces of them on my photos to tell the stories from this week. 

Here's a closer look at Week Two: 

This week is half home stuff and half vacation time for me and Aaron. We were able to go down to see Dave Matthews again and it was so great - a little bit of a honeymoon for us. 

White borders on my photos this week for fun - I do this some weeks but not every week. I use my Epson PictureMate PM400 printer - when printing through Aperture and printing with the border is an option (the program I'm using for managing my photos - someday I will switch when it actually stops working - ha).

The "Thankful" word is from the Fall Rubber Words set. In addition to the Story Cards I used the gold asterisk chipboard pieces from the Changes Story Kit™. The "today's goals" card is also included in that kit as a paper pad. 

This year I'm planning to incorporate the  One Little Word® Inspirational Journal Card Set as title cards into my album. This time I added a portion of one of the Story Cards (these are an Add-On for the Changes Story Stamp™) to hold the date. 

It's such a simple and easy way to add pieces of the story to my photos. 

One of the questions people often ask me is about how to include "all" the photos from a trip or other event. My personal choice is to just pick and choose - I have zero desire to include every single photo I take and don't feel the need to create a separate album for some trips (some trips I do - just depends on how I'm feeling). In this case I picked a couple photos of the two of us together, a couple concert photos, and a couple beach photos. For me that was enough to tell the story of this adventure. 

Keep it simple my friends. 

Here's a process video for Week Two: 


You can see all my past Project Life® blog posts here. For more information about my overall process make sure to check out my self-paced Storytelling With Project Life® workshop

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7 thoughts

  1. mom22cherubs says…

    Love, love, love these types of posts. Thank you so much for sharing your process.

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Thanks for being part of this community!

  2. Braniff says…

    You inspired me to try the white borders. I love how it brings the spread together, but I've never tried it. Thanks for sharing!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Cool! I really like the look!

  3. Inkfanatic says…

    I love seeing these pages, and being reminded of super fun ways to use my 'stuff' to get the stories told! ❤️Thank You, for all you do!!

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. cpaikj07 says…

    Hi, Ali.
    The time you save stapling the journal cards to the photos instead of using adhesive is such a revelation for me! Thanks again for sharing the process this week.
    Candice Harrington

    Reply 0 Replies
  5. mary_charlee says…

    When you do decide to make a separate album for an event, what size do you make it? I have a few events (baby's first birthday, family wedding trips, etc) I want to make something for, but I'm struggling with the size!

    Reply 0 Replies