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Project Life® 2018 | Week 31

Continuing to ride a wave of personal motivation to get my stories told in my 2018 Project Life® album

Enjoying the process, enjoying getting stories told, and thankful for this opportunity to share. 

In terms of using your stuff, for this project I ended up pulling out some past Day In The Life™ cards (digital version here). These were the leftover pieces from the kit - I used the rest of them here (back in August 2017). Because I had them stored under a Day In The Life™ category in one of my storage boxes it was super easy to grab them to use them for this spread.  

One of my favorite ways to approach my Project Life® spreads is with some kind of consistency with the 3x4 journal cards. I don't always do it that way but it's definitely one I come back to again and again. Using those Day In The Life™ cards was an easy way to make that happen. Box was found at a second hand store if I remember correctly, but those Ikea Dragan boxes also work for 3x4 cards. Avery Index Tabs were added to the top of plain white 3x4 cards to create the dividers. 

Here's a look at how I brought it all together: 

The last few weeks I've done for Project Life® have included inserts - this one is just a traditional spread and it's just as valuable as any of the others because it's the SUM of all those stories that matters to me most. 

This week I brought out the lablel stickers and plastic hearts again (layered the hearts on top of the label stickers). And a few chipboard pieces - always a few of those. 

Hope this post helps you get motivated to tell some of your own stories!



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1 thought

  1. paminsc says…

    Thanks for sharing. I love how the leftover cards from Day in the Life worked perfectly for this layout. I am enjoying my change from digital to physical for most of my albums and its fun to watch you put yours together!

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