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December Daily® 2021 | Special Guest Jennie Rey

Hi everyone! Jennie here with my finished 2021 December Daily album! I just finished it a few days ago and I am still not sure how I feel about that! I had so much fun working on the album every day, making photos of my finished pages, cooking up a reel of my process and sharing on Instagram with all of you. I am definitely on team ‘finishing’ but all of your enthusiastic comments and messages kept me so motivated and that really helped on finishing so soon, so a big thank you to all of you!

I have to be honest and say that I pretty much didn’t do anything else than my regular job (and I wasn’t quite as motivated to do that this December!) and working on my December Daily album. Every free moment I was either planning my page in Photoshop, bringing it together in my album, making photos of my project, editing my video and/or sharing on Instagram. And I loved every bit of it but I know that isn’t for everyone! December is a very busy month and I was so lucky to be able to have some days off of work and have a very flexible and understanding family. They know how important this project is for me and cheer me on all the way even though we have had far less quality time together than any other month. 

Even though I did finish my album in January I am not a fast scrapper. The pages need time to evolve in my head, to come together in Photoshop and the more products I have access to, the longer it takes. That’s why I like (need) to limit my choices, especially with a big project like this. This year I used Ali’s main kit and just a few of the shop items. The great advantage of using one collection is that it is designed to all fit together! I did also use a lot of the digital products from the same collection and because I like to plan my pages in Photoshop, it is essential for my process to be able to also have the digital versions of the physical products I have. In Photoshop I try things out, move pieces around, change sizes and colors and when I am happy with how it looks I print all of the pieces and put the page together. At that point I hardly have any decisions to make! And when I do struggle with making decisions I remind myself that no one will ever ask why I used that felt heart or number sticker but they will love looking at my photos and reading my stories!

The next few pages were created for the Product Play Back to Basics Class or the Prep Day  (hour 9!). You can find process videos (for the pages) and a layered template (for the calendar) in the classrooms. 

Product Play Back to Basics:

Prep Day:

We also did an Instagram hop with a few members of the Creative Team using (digital) speech bubbles. You can find the pages of the other team members and this speech bubble cut file here.

There are little process-reels of almost all of my pages on Instagram: @thereypie . There you can also find photos of my pages and a flip through. For a longer and more detailed flip through you can check out my YouTube channel. Here are a few of my favorites: 

If you would like to see more of my process in Photoshop or get some inspiration using digital kits you can check out my Hybrid All Year Round class!

Thank you so much for taking a look at my album!

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5 thoughts

  1. ahiggins83 says…

    Jennie, thank you for sharing your beautiful album! I loved following along with you on Instagram! You are so right about the fact that no one will wonder about one embellishment over another and they will just focus on the words + photos. Thank you for so much wonderful inspiration!

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  2. starrsstripes says…

    Love your stuff, Jennie! And very inspired by your sewing details! (And skill!)

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  3. Untiedt says…

    What a beautiful album. Thanks for sharing. I have few more pages to complete so I have some layout ideas after watching your video. The other ideas I will use next year in my album. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy New Year! :)

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  4. dawecthit says…

    Really awesome December Daily album. Love watching your reels on Instagram.

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  5. kategm47 says…

    Wowowowowow! Your use of globes, just wow!! Thank you for sharing, so inspirational

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