Pieces Of The Past 2022 | Prompt 06 : A Challenging Chapter

Welcome back to  Pieces Of The Past - one chapter in our Pieces Of Life prompt collection. Today's prompt is "a challenging chapter." 

We all have challenging chapters in our lives which are one piece of our overall story. For this prompt I decided to write a little about my relationship with my Dad which has been a combination of good + challenging times. I decided to keep my writing private but I do read a few lines from my story in the video to demonstrate some of the language I include when writing about the past from the perspective of today. As you'll hear, incorporating the concept of "and" (more than one thing can be true at the same time - thank you Liz Lamoreux) into my writing helped me honor both the challenging and good parts of my relationship with my Dad. 

Please remember that writing about the challenging pieces of our lives is an individual choice each of us gets to make for ourselves. You never have to tell the whole story. Maybe today you choose to make a list of some of the challenging pieces or include a quote or simply a photo with a heart embellishment. There have been times when I wasn't ready to write more about my story with my Dad but this time I was ready. 

PS: In the actual prompts in the notebook prompt 5 + 6 were switched. It's all part of the larger story. 

Here is the video to go along with this prompt: 

Here's a look at my spread in the notebook: 

To hide my writing I incorporated a folded piece of Hero Arts Wood Grain Vellum. I used a 1 inch circle punch to punch out a half circle (I like how that shows that there is something underneath) and on top of the vellum I added a large chipboard ampersand, two letter A chipboard stickers, and a clear "my story matters" sticker that's from a past One Little Word® kit. 

On the other page I used a 4x6 card as pattern paper from the Ampersand Story Kit. On top I added painted wood veneer piece that will be available next month as an add on to the Write Story Kit. 

Next up: Looking Back I See


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3 thoughts

  1. laura_g_ says…

    I really liked the Hero Arts Vellum you used in this project! I read a review of it on Scrapbook.com where the user said that it could tear or crack easily. Did you find that to be the case too? Thx! Love Love Love this project! I want to incorporate it into a scrapbook I'm making about myself.🙂

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi Laura - I haven't run into that issue and I've used it a couple times (just used it again for an upcoming project using some new stamps from Laura Wonsik too).

  2. barefootscrapbooker says…

    Love the recognition that things can be challenging, but also good - and that you can disagree and be frustrated, but still love. Totally encapsulates my own struggles in the relationship I had with my Mom growing up. Challenging, but loving. Time helps, as does reflection and maturity.

    Reply 0 Replies