Pieces Of The Past 2022 | Prompt 07 : Looking Back I See

Welcome to the final prompt in our 7-day Pieces Of The Past series. Today's prompt is "looking back I see."

I loved ending this series with the "looking back I see" - it felt like a really nice way to collect a bunch of thoughts/feelings that came up for me while working on this project this past week. 

Here's a video of my process: 

Here's a look at the finished prompt in my notebook: 

For this last prompt I ended up cutting two pages in the notebook to create homes for my journaling between my full photo background pages. I cropped and printed my photo to 8.5 inches wide x 8.25 inches tall and cut it in half before adhering it to the notebook pages. I used the "looking back" messy circle stamp and Scattered Straw ink to create the pattern and added a chipboard from the upcoming May 2022 Stories By The Month kit on top. 

The sticker tabs added along the top of my journaling pages are also from the upcoming May 2022 Stories By The Month kit

I really loved this prompt invitation to collect thoughts + feelings from looking back this past week. Even if you didn't have photos to look back on you can collect words from the memories + thoughts + feelings that came to you while deciding on the stories to tell in this project. 

Before printing my journaling I did a test print to make sure I would have enough space for the "looking back I see" stamp.

After responding to the "looking back I see" invitation I also added in a bit of thoughts related to this project generally. It felt like a nice way to sum up my experience with the project. 

Thank you so much for following along this week whether your journaled, crafted, or simply reflected on the stories from your own past. 

We'll be back later this year with a new prompt series for Pieces Of Play


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11 thoughts

  1. BHaynes says…

    Ali, you are navigating through with such grace! ❤️

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  2. totteacher says…

    loved watching these videos this week and am excited to start my Pieces of the Past journey as soon as I gather some photos! As Always, thanks Ali! 😊

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  3. jchurch2 says…

    I absolutely love the way you did every prompt. So much creativity, which I hope to re-create.

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  4. Jenn2087 says…

    Are you putting this notebook with the other two in the gray felt binder thing? I’m trying to figure out how to put them all in one place but I do t think the gray felt folio has a third and fourth elastic to hold the projects for this year.

    Reply 2 Replies
    1. SusanUsry says…

      I bought a second felt folio - I think Ali mentioned needing to do that in some video, maybe??

    2. Lisabell323 says…

      You can connect two notebooks together with a large rubber band or a loop of elastic of the same thickness of the felt folio. I found a video that is pretty clear:

  5. ahiggins83 says…

    Cutting the TN pages in half blew my mind! I love the final look that achieves. Thank you for sharing this project with us!!

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  6. gretchenstwowishes says…

    Thank you Ali, I’ve loved watching your process and documenting pieces of my past.

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  7. kathleen says…

    Thanks so much for another great project, Ali. I’ve loved playing along & looking back at my childhood. It has sparked SO many story ideas.

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  8. Elizabeth256 says…

    You really put your heart in your work. Thank you for being so open.

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  9. mastanikhan says…

    I was looking back to see if you were looking back to see
    If I was looking back to see if you were looking back at me
    You were cute as you could be standing looking back at me
    And it was plain to see that I'd enjoy your company
    One Sunday afternoon as I was ridin' down the street
    I met a cute little girl all dressed up so sweet
    And the way that she was stacked I wish I'd've had a Cadillac
    For who would notice me just drivin' this model T
    I was looking back to see...
    [ piano - guitar ]
    Now listen baby it doesn't matter to me
    Even in your model T you're as cute as you can be
    If you'll come sit by my side I will take for a ride
    And I will guarantee we'll have fun oh man alive
    I was looking back to see...
    (Oh me oh gee) perhaps you'd notice me if I wadn't drivin' this model T
    So I was looking back to see...

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